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I see people posting about some numbers and I'm not good with the short forms for them - but I thought I'd post mine...

At my last blood test a week before my biopsy (in april)

albumin 39

Alanine Aminotransferase 174 (max normal is 44)

aspartate Aminotransferase 114 (max normal is 31)

Alkaline Phophatase 474 (max normal is 129) (this number was over 500 about 6 months ago)

Mitochondria Antibody HI

I worry about hi high most of my numbers are.... it still boggles my mind how this all went undetected by everyone but me (I was alerted by these numbers being high back in 2010)

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The experts say that generally PBC is a very slowly progressive disease, so I would take a positive from that, obviously there are exceptions to everything, but think positive. It doesn't surprise me about the delay in them noticing your numbers, mine were deranged from 2008 and I was finally officially diagnosed in 2013... it's just not the first thing that seems to pop into their heads. No excuse but that's how it seems. Ask all the questions you need to ask, there's no stupid question, if it's playing on your mind, it's important.


Hello Becca75.

I usually get a print-out of my bloods each time. I have given up bothering. I have never found out what is considered to be considerably high so I just compare mine with how they were the previous time or if a bit above what they were another time and then forget about it.

I was said to have a 'high titre' of the AMAs when I was diagnosed but never received a figure on the consultant's letter so I have no idea of how high was supposed to be for diagnosis. I was diagnosed with PBC due to itching (and at the time fatigue) plus higher than normal LFTs (liver function test) and also higher than normal GGT was found.

If you LFTs are starting to come down whilst yo are taking urso I would see that as a good sign and don't worry too much. I am sure if they were alarmingly high then you'd be seeing a doctor more often and if your doctor hasn't mentioned anything then take it that you are doing quite well at present.


thanks - they haven't started coming down yet as a result of the URSO. The numbers had been fluctuating within a range (before I was diagnosed) and now that I'm on URSO I'm hoping to see them come down or at least stop going up. :)


Hi Becca - have you been prescribed Urso yet? My numbers were similar when diagnosed but came down considerably after about a year on meds. I, like others, like to compare my blood tests results each time. Fortunately, I can see all of my results on the computer almost immediately so it's very easy for me to monitor any changes. Also, like you I was first told my numbers were slightly elevated in 2007 but was not diagnosed until 2014 when trying to get additional life insurance. Thankfully this is a slow progressing disease!

All the best,



Hi - yes I've been comparing my numbers since 2010... But now that I'm on Urso it'll be interesting to see what happens to them


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