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Hi everyone,

Since finding this group and being from USA i have noticed that your numbers are so different than mine. Can someone tell me if when you say your numbers are in the 1000's or even high 400's is that different than in the USA numbers? I have seen numbers in the 100's 200's etc and wonder if we use a different system as for those numbers of LFT's. I have learned much from this group and realized after I was on it it was mostly folks from England. Am I allowed to be in this group being from the states? Thanks,

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Yes different scales are used. Even in this country different hospitals use different scales. Can be very confusing. I tend to think a multiple of the top scale is a better way to make comparisons. When I had my first abnormal blood test my ALP level was nearly 8 times the top limit, now 10 years later it is just under twice the upper limit. My heptologist tells me that it is highly unlikely for anyone with PBC to get back to normal once they reach middle age. I have just turned 62 but am lucky that it doesn't affect me too much. Take care x



Everyone is welcome, the one thing we all have in common is PBC. That's whether we have it, or a link to it in some way.

It is supported by the PBC foundation who are based in the UK, but the members are from around the world. So welcome, you will find us a friendly bunch.

With your LFT' numbers they would be dependant on the lab that does the testing so there may be different measurement ranges.


Hi DeeSree. I'm pretty new to this game too but there are, as Gioieli5 says, differences between countries as to the measures and scales. It's difficult to get a sense of where you sit in the grand scheme of things as a result. I'd check with the hospital who carried out your tests as to what their normal range is. Don't worry about where you live - this is definitely the place for information, and support. I'm not that knowledgeable (yet!) but there are others who I'd class as expert and verging on having clinical expertise. I hope you get clarification. Adele


Yes of course you are welcome.

Alkalime phosphatase sould b umder aboit 100.i think but my latest was 614 and i know its been in 1000 and for some even higher so that might b what youve read.

England tend now to use ukeld score ...50 and above is eligiblity for txplant list .

Diet avoid alcohol if u can as i was allowed a glass and that upset me big time so now i dont bother.

Lots of fatty food will.probably just make u feel.worse.

Also beware alcohol in food...i had some christmas pud with brandy in it without realising it and boy did i feel ill.

Pbc is obviously unrelated to alcohol butbecause of damage we have it can cause issues.cazer

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Oh forgot to say i was told to eat little and often and i find thats good for me but it depends if yoi have symptoms.xx cazer

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Hi DeeSree, I am from Texas ( USA). I have been on this site for a few months. I also have an Awareness About Your Health facebook page with information. The UK definitely has different ways of testing. My AlkPhos was in the 600's, AST & ALT were in the upper 200's. All very elevated but I am stable now due to medications and fast treatments by my doctors.



I am in Florida. This is a great site for people with PBC worldwide. I have learned a lot.

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