Liver biopsy date 😯

Well next weds afternoon I will have my liver biopsy to see what is going on apart from the pbc ( nafld or autoimmune hepatitis) Can anyone tell me what sort of questions I should be asking, what to expect and how long after are they likely to keep me considering my appointment is at 1 pm ( not necessarily be seen at that time though!) many thanks.

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  • It's not as bad as I thought . The IV Hurt way worse. So you'll be in for four hours after as they have to monitor you. I was given local freezing (doc gave me two needles of it cuz I was so worked up about the procedure and the possible pain), the only other thing I felt was the pressure of the straw going in - but it happened so fast that by the time my brain registered what happened it was over :)

    I felt discomfort after but was given Tylenol 3,s for the after pain which helped and then another dose before I left the hospital. I hate pain but if necessary I know I could go through that again - it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought

    You'll be fine

    The procedure itself was maybe 15-30 minutes (depending on how many samples they take ) mine took 5

  • Thankyou. Just want it over with now!

  • it's not bad - you'll be fine. The freezing needle wasn't nearly as bad as the IV (but I hate pain lol so I don't know if I can be a good judge of that). Made it through having a baby no problem, but was in tears cuz I was so worked up about the biopsy. Afterward I wished I hadn't stressed myself out like that - it wasn't bad.

  • Hi, the biopsy while not pleasant isn't as bad as you imagine, I was kept in hospital for 24 hrs as a precaution and you have to lie on your side for a few hours which is a bit of a pain if you are like me and a bit of a fidget, afterwards it's a bit uncomfortable but that's it , good luck , try not to worry too much x

  • Thankyou.

  • oh wow, I was only kept for 4 hours.

  • me too! 4 hrs tops

  • I was out the minute the clock struck 4 hours LOL but the ladies/nurses were fabulous!!

  • You will have to stay in overnight. I have not had the procedure but my partner did last week. He said the anesthetic was slighlty painful when injected. He was told to lie on his side or back. He had to stay like like this for 4 hours. He got an ache in his right shoulder and across his abdomen. Apparently its the same nerve and thats why the shoulder ache. Although uncomfortable it wasnt as bad as he'd been told or expected. Although he still aches a bit now 5days later. Im sure youll be all good 😊

  • Thankyou

  • I just joined these forums. Had to look up pbc. I had a liver biopsy last year. My GI doctor is so good. I think you are supposed to be in a twilight skeep so you can follow some instructions. I was out like a light and don't remember a thing. Had next to no discomfort. I think I was in recovery room was about 4 hours to make sure there is no bleeding. Let me add that my dictir said I could take a Xanax before the procedure.

  • me too!

  • When I had my biopsy two weeks ago, I was a total wreck over worrying i would not be able to hold my breath when they asked me to for the needle or would jump and cause an issue. The nurse said don't worry I will take care of you. They gave me both a drug to put me in a light sleep and something to make me forget. I remember nothing after the doctor came in. Asked the nurse later if I was out how come I didn't have to hold my breath he said, you did hold your breath and did exactly what we needed you to do. Still grateful they did it that way. One thing I was a little upset about was they said they needed to do a biopsy to stage it. After getting my results I asked my doctor what stage was it and he said, they didn't stage it. So my question is because it doesn't have a stage yet or they just didn't stage it? Not clear on that answer. Will find out next time I go but first plan to get my own records to read them myself. Being a very proactive patient, want all the answers to all my questions. Hang in there.. Dee

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