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Bruising easily and bruising if I scratch/itch hard

Bruising easily and bruising if I scratch/itch hard

Hello I'm 26 and I bruise doing anything. I always have bruises on my legs and arms. Much to were people have asked if I'm being abused. That answers obviously no. Here's a pic of what happend after I scratched my leg to much yesterday and this is what it looks like today. I've been told by friends maybe I'm not getting enough meat but I don't know

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I'm presuming you've been diagnosed with PBC already. That's how I was diagnosed I went to Drs with easy bruising & they eventually diagnosed PBC. So its one of the tell take signs. They check my bloods for the clotting agent reading every 6 months. I'm just on borderline so no medical intervention yet. It goes up & down & the bruises come & go. Best to check with you Dr.


No I havnt been diagnosed with anything. Never seen doc for this


I do that. Some days worse than others.

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Hello Spnfan.

PBC can apparently cause us to bruise easily.  But also Vitamin K deficiency I think it is can also be a factor.

I have to say that since I was diagnosed with PBC and started on urso Dec 2010 I have noticed myself that I don't tend to get very bad bruises but prior to 2010 I only ever got one if I banged myself that I knew about.

I know last year just as I was about to go on my summer holiday the nurse took blood from the vein that was on the side of my elbow and first of all I had a half sized golf ball lump for several hours and then as it dispersed I ended up with a huge red stain down my arm that ended up looking bruised.  the one thing I did notice that whereas someone who hasn't got PBC (or I expect any other liver problem) ends up with a fading bruise that goes yellow (due to bile) I don't get the yellow colouring anymore like I did years ago.

You didn't say when you were diagnosed but I am presuming you are diagnosed PBC.

I think in your case and you are concerned I'd speak to the doctor who might check out other bloods to see if you are deficient in other things first.  I know Vitamin K is the blood clotting vitamin but also I am certain it can play a part in how we bruise.


I also get bruises after I scratch or at anytime really.Never heard about eating to much meat could cause it. But when you see your GP or consultant ask them.


There isn't a day that goes by that I am not literally black and blue. As said earlier Vit K can cause clotting issues and as a fat soluble vitamin can be lacking if the liver is damaged. Also if you already have liver damaged, your spleen can also become enlarged which then traps platelets causing bruising too. A full blood count should pick up any normal difficiences, and vit K test can be added on to the form by your GP.


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