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Evening everyone, I'm sitting here watching tv and having a little scratch, OK a lot of little scratching.

It occurred to me that maybe the food I eat may be affecting the itching, it's driving me mad tonight, it's been like prickly heat itch and I've been taking anti histimines one a day it's been controllable but tonight it's so much worse like somethings under my skin running around jumping from one leg to the other then it's on my shoulders and my head. Am I making it worse and is there different food I should eat.

Thanks for any help if you can.

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  • Maybe not ur food! It cud be a number of things! I've tried benedryl at night it realty don't help cuz my itching is not an allergy! But some people say they try antihistamines and if they work then maybe it is an allergy??? Good Luck to you!

  • The anti histimines worked last week I took it in the vending so I could get to sleep as it was worse when I relaxed, but not tonight itchings gone mad.

  • Do u have any autoimmune disorders! Any other health issues? Are u from UK?

  • I have Underactive thyroid.

  • Do u itch more with baths and hot water?

  • I have showers and it's OK for a while.

  • My itch went ballistic a little while ago even though I was taking anti histamine daily. Eventually managed to get a telephone consultation with a different doctor and she prescribed Cetirizine two tablets twice a day. This has calmed the itch to something more controllable and removed completely the web like feeling over the bottom half of my face. You can buy Cetirizine without prescription.

    I find central heating and warm clothing will irritate my arms so I tend to like low background heating and fleece type clothing. I do not believe that diet is completely the answer but some people seem to do better on a low fat gluten free diet. Lots of salad and green leafy vegetables which is good for everyone and not so much sugar which is now the bad boy in our diets - apparently.

    best wishes

  • That's what dr gave me but only one a day at the moment

  • Did you want to try increasing the dose until you can speak to the dr?

  • I will speak the pharmacist see what she say as she's the one that told me to change from loratadine which I was taking for years.

    My dr didn't think it makes any difference, the pharmacist talked about the pbc and said citirazine was best to use.

  • good idea, hope you resolve problem, I know the itch can make us tired and depressed

    I do find that ice in a dampened t towel can bring immediate but not long lasting relief


  • Ive found that when ive done more the itch is worse...also if i get very warm so try to keep on slightly the cooler side....i know yhats hard when its cold but its

    preferable to intense itching.i dont always wear socks and slippers are sometimes a no go.

    I was diag16 yrs ago and the consilt said my symptoms and blood tests would go ip and down depending on how my system was doing e.g if i had another bug etc.

    Also i find i dont bother with any alcohol also fatty food is not good.some say red meat is not good but i think im okay with yjat.

    Maybe you could keep a brief diary of what youve done and eaten and see if that shows a pattern.

    Im not sure antihistamine do much but there are other meds so go back to docs for something else

    Hope thats of some use best wishes .cazer.

  • I think anti histamine doesnt actually stop thhe itch bit help by making us slightly drowsy.when my itch was really bad the antih did try anithrr diff alternative if doc will give

    Good luck.

  • Hello Twinkle26.

    It was itching all over at random 24/7 that took me to the GP back in early 2010. Diagnosed with PBC near the end of that year.

    Continued itching and now been doing so for 6 years almost but it's not as bad as it was back during 2010 and part of 2011.

    I have thought and thought and tried allsorts since being diagnosed with PBC with regards to the itch and have discovered that it seems if the balance of bile in the system isn't right with what we have consumed that day then the itch can be worse or better.

    I say this as it is thought that we itch due to used bile salts that having a compromised biliary system now with PBC, it cannot be handled adequately. (My theory is that the used bile salts in making their way to the skin surface to seep through (as it is our body's defense to rid ourselves of these then toxic bile salts) they react with all our tiny nerve endings thus causing the itch sensation.

    I think the more of certain foods we consume like fat for instance as bile is required to break it down, then there will be more used bile salts at the end of our day when we temporarily cease to eat/drink.

    I have found a diet that is as low as possible in fat (we do need some fat in the diet for the fat soluble vitamins like D and A) can help a bit but I wouldn't expect to totally eradicate the itch as each time we eat the gallbladder (I still have one, know some don't) empties of stored bile. We also have the urso in addition that helps digestion and I expect that too has to go through the same process in our system.

    I try to keep cool as artificial heat makes it feel worse, I think due to the skin pores opening more.

    Antihistamines aren't expected to deal with the itch unless one has an allergy but there are some on this site who have taken or still do take the antihistamines that cause drowsiness so they can sleep through their itch during the night. My itch tends to be confined to night time these days. I often feel the odd prickles during the day but it isn't how I then can feel around 11p.m when I start to itch. I've as yet not taken any medication to see if I can rid myself of the itch. I might one day but for now I prefer to plod on as in my view any additional medications could affect the bloods.

  • Hi! Twinkle26, Different remedies for itching suit different sufferers of PBC. For me the answer was taking Questran. I did suffer badly with the itch, mainly at night, to the point I had blood all over the sheets when I woke up. Questran virtually got rid of it. Give it a try might work for you might not.

    Good luck!

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