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Happy New Year to everybody.

I haven't had a blood test since I was diagnosed with PBC in May, should I ask my doctor for one to give me an idea what's going on, am I better or worse. I am still waiting to go and have an endoscopy/colonoscopy, I can't see my specialist until I have had this, its been so long I will probably need another MRI scan as well, its quite frustrating .

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  • Hi Sandie, yes your doctor should be giving you regular blood tests to monitor your PBC. I would think at least once per year. Have you started taking medication for PBC? My doctor wanted to see me 3 months after starting Ursodiol to see where my blood levels are.

  • I started taking Urso straight away, but I see Some people take a large dose, I only take 300 mg a day, the doctor as now given me tablets for my itching which helps a bit., only because I asked him., doesn't seem to no very much about PBC.

  • I believe the Urso dosage should be based on your weight. Can you see a liver specialist instead of this doctor? The PBC Foundation is a good source of information, so perhaps you can be knowledgeable even though your doctor is not. Its scary to have to deal with doctors that aren't familiar with your disease!

  • They have been seeing me at the hospital once a endoscopy was pretty quick I've never had an MRI. I have never been asked back for blood tests at my GPS. But I have had many symptoms get worse start & health changes & every time something is different the Dr takes blood to check.

  • Hi Sandie 1 Happy New Year to you as well. May we have a better 2016. I would suggest you go for a blood test before you do the rest

  • Thanks, I am going to ask my doctor.

  • Sandie1. Years ago before my biopsy and ERCP and I first had gastroscope and colonoscopy and MRI. Both showed no signs of liver disease, only the biopsy and ERCP finally confirmed PBC Autoimmune

  • Hi I was diagnose September this year I have to take tablets and I go back in April. In March I have my bloods done so there ready for my appointment. Maybe you should call the hospital just to check they haven't forgot you. Have a very happy new year.

  • I was diagnosed in Spain and was given 3 monthly blood test when first diagnosed. Now 4 years on In the UK I have 6 monthly blood test.

  • Hi Sandie. Happy New Year to you. When first diagnosed in 2011 I had blood tests every three months. I also had an ultrasound scan which is still done annually. I had a biopsy, all good there. I have had three gastroscophys , checking for varices, nothing shown there. I now see my specialist at the hospital once a year but she still gets me to have six monthly blood tests, which she keeps an eye on to check for any differences. I do think the treatment you get seems to differ depending where you are in the country/world. Good luck to you but keep asking questions and seek answers. Eileen x

  • I always ask my GP to do blood tests for me so I have them ready when i get to see my gastro as he can't be bothered.

  • I fulfill the role of Patient and educator. Where are you located? I have a lot to say that could be useful. Write me at tell where located. Dr. Carol Lieberman

  • Hi I have had a blood test on dec 24th one month after starting urso and my next one scheduled for January 21 St. I see consultant in February 2 .

    I am seeing GP next week to discuss bloods taken on Xmas eve.

    After three months of regular bloods I have to have them taken 3 monthly.

    Just had liver scan in November so will discuss this with GP and consultant.

    I think you should be asking your GP about regular blood monitoring.

    All best for new year x

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