Urso prices skyrocketing in US

Hello all! I was diagnosed with PBC in 2014 and have been relatively lucky so far to deal well with the URSO and also deal well prices on the drug. The last two years my deductible on my insurance was met due to lots of medical issues and tests, so my drugs have been pretty cheap. So as January approaches I started looking at the cash price of URSO with my Good Rx app. This year, the price for a 90 day supply at Walmart was about 125.00 dollars. That wasn't bad at all for me. Last month I checked the app and the price was 125.00 for a 30 day supply! Then I looked today and it had changed from 125.00 for a 30 day supply to 212.00 for a 30 day supply! I have decent insurance and a good job, but if the price keeps going up I don't know what I will do. I can't stop the medicine as its the only thing prolonging my life, but I also don't know what I will do about paying for this. My deductible is 2700.00, but its only on medical things, so even if I submit my claims for the medicine a month, it isn't meeting my deductible, just the pharmacy one, which is 3500.00. I checked and the 250mg tablet is cheaper, but still 158.00 a month, and I take the 300 now four times a day. I would either have to reduce my dosage to 250 four times a day or 5 times a day for the 158.00. I also have to take thyroid medicine and blood pressure medicine, but thank goodness its not that much.

I just don't know what I am going to do. If it keeps going up, I don't know what I will do.

Its nearing the point where I may not be able to afford it.

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  • I decided to download a few more discount apps besides Good RX and there is one called "One Rx" that had a good price as did LowestMed. One RX actually was the best, which was 140.00 for 90 days. That would be great. Even though I can get my pills for 10.00 via my insurance for this month, I may try to get a 90 day supply now and not run through my insurance, that doesn't allow a 90 days supply at the pharmacy, only mail order.

  • I'll let you all know, those that are in the US, if this one works and I got the price it says on here. Good Rx was always accurate, but I've never tried this one before. This seems to be a pretty low price in comparison

  • Hi NotorDJP,

    I've been looking into cost saving ways to save on copays for meds too, although I'm not on Urso my husband is diabetic and they are adding something new and more expensive to his daily regime all the time. I go online for those brand name drugs and print off a discount card when I can, but it's usually not enough. I've been hearing that others have saved with Good Rx and I've had a card that I picked up at the Drs office, but thought it was probably a gimmick (too good to be true) kinda of thing. As for myself, I've stopped taking the one expensive med that I was on regularly and that was for the over active bladder, which is more of a nuisance than a have to have. This recently came up on another forum with a lady that had fatty liver and PBC, which she also found that tablets were cheaper with her insurance or particular formulations in general. Others said they used Canadian online pharmacies for their meds such as canadadrugs.com or canadapharmacy.com, and one of them stated that you couldn't get the 300 mg dose at the Canadian pharmacy (I believe), I would be interested in what others will have to say on this issue, as I am very curious how others are dealing with the rising costs of meds. Our insurance will be going up next year due to Obamacare, because if not it will taxed as a Cadillac insurance. The premiums are staying the same, but coverage has changed considerably. Hope you get some good responses! Take care!

  • Canada on line is the best! Used them for several years. 90 day supply for 212.00

  • I exactly know how you feel. The amount I spend on medication for this PBC is unfair, because the Medical Aids in South Africa does'nt allow me to get it on chronic, so here they call it Ursotan, and what I do, is take less dosage per day. No dr suggested I do that, but I am a pensioner and one must still eat and live. The thyroid medication is very cheap, that they consider as chronic, but I have to pay in a small amount as well. So I try to cut out fat, gluten and whatever is bad for the liver

  • I am so grateful to be in Britain! Because I'm over 60, I get all my medication free though at the moment that's only calcium and Urso. People on benefits also get their meds free.

  • For us here in UK, we are protected by our National Health Service but do not know for how much longer. Have read of the high prices of medicine in US that are determined by individuals and cannot understand how frightening it is to have a chronic medical condition requiring life long medication.

  • When I lived in Spain urso cost me per month about 30€ If I bought it without prescrition. I got it totally free in France. Not yoo bad. Here in UK it cost £8 per prescription per month.

  • I know how you feel. I got my 90 filled, was told I owe $ 487.00. I said the 30 day was $90.00 so it shouldn't be over $270.00. She said I was over my deductible and I was in the donut hole. Come on Jan lol

  • Since my dx of PBC about 3 months ago while just going in for routine colonoscopy, I was told I needed to take URso for the rest of my life, I scrambled up enough money for the first 30 days, however since then cannot afford to take. Guess I just a ticking time bomb, but out of options.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  • I was diagonised 10yrs ago so am used to it now sorry to hear you cannot afford your urso .I wish there was some way I could help you as you really do need to take it

  • Thank you twee....I bet you have a white glow around your soul, thinking of others. I truly appreciate your comment. I would certainly give back if ever given the opportunity as well.

    Stay well...

  • Good Rx used to be my go to app, but the price now on it is too high. I think these apps negotiate and sometimes do better than others. Try "One RX" or "Lowest Med" both of those had a lower price this time around than Good Rx. I will let you know in the next couple of days if the price was what they quoted. One Rx is the best so far. 146.00 for 90 days

  • Don't know where are in the U.S. but some of the Church outreach centers will pay the price for the med directly to your pharmacy...bc it is a needed med that you can't go without. Good luck to you

  • I've not heard of churches doing that locally, but I am not low income. They would probably do that for them. I have good income, but the cost, along with the other debt I have is getting to be a real burden.

  • Hi folks, I just retired and signed up with Humana , they have a $200.00 dollar yearly deductible. Every year I have to pay 200.00 dollars to meet ded, and 275 for a 90 day 500mg urso supply. Then qtrly ,I continue to pay 275.00 . Before I retired I was getting them from Canada on line for $212.00 for a 90 day supply. Showed pills to my doctor who said they were perfectly OK.

  • I buy mine at a local pharmacy in Alberta, Canada. I'm on 3 X 500 mg daily of ursodiol. Total for a 30 day supply = $190.57 (Canadian) My health benefits from work covers 80%.

  • I have pretty good insurance so I pay only about 20$ for a 90 day supply but my insurance in paying about 1400$ for it which is ridiculous considering how cheap it is to make these tablets.

    The same 90 day supply back in India in a private pharmacy will cost only about 25$ flat out including all costs and profits

    One of my friend who is a gastroentologost suggested I better ship it from India in case of If I needed.

    American healthcare is so bad when it comes to pricing.

  • I used one rx today and got a 90 day supply for 130 at walgreens. Im happy

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