Dizzy head?

Good morning

Can anyone help me out with knowledge on a dizzy head. I am away on holiday so cannot contact my own doctor. I have had this a couple of times earlier this year but it disappeared before being able to get a surgery appointment.

When I turn over in bed my head spins and the room takes a while to catch up with me. Or this morning as I got out of bed I was walking a bit like a drunk. It is a really unpleasant feeling of being disoriented every time I move my head.

I do not know if this is PBC related but I would be obliged for information if anyone else has had this.

Wait to hear with thanks

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  • Obviously I am not qualified to make any diagnosis of whether this is PBC related or not and I have read earlier posts about dizziness and PBC that you may be able to look up, but would suggest you make an appointment with your doctor with or without the symptoms as he will be able to check things out for you.

    However what I can do is give you my experience with dizzyness, I had a condition that gave me positional vertigo and the way you described your symptoms on the surface it sounds the same, mine was to do with my ear and balance not the Pbc.

    There are a number of ear conditions that give the same symptoms you describe and are treatable an inner ear infection can cause this feeling as well, thankfully i don't suffer with it anymore following ear surgery. It is the most awful sensation, do take care.

  • Thank you Candy12. If it gets worse before I get home I will seek a local health professional however I am hoping to wait until I can see my GP which won't be too much longer.

    I shall also google positional vertigo for more information.

    best wishes

  • I recently had really bad dizziness during the night and on waking, after turning my head. I also had it about 3 years ago. The room spins so fast that I have to hold onto the bed. I also have been violently sick with it. I went to the doctor and she said it was bppv. Its when small calcium crystals enter the ear canal causing vertigo similar to seasickness. I had to sleep sitting up for a few days and thereafter have been sleeping with 3 pillows. The doctor said to avoid turning your head too fast. It generally rights itself within a month. Although I do suffer with dizziness a lot if the time, I have often wondered if it has any autoimmune connection.

  • Hello IOWCARO

    As Candy12 mentioned that it could be positional vertigo I had a look via google and from what I read and what others have said I am guessing that it is this positional vertigo. As I am still away | am going to give your pillow trick a try as it seems that this impacting on my enjoyment of the holiday.

    best wishes

  • Sounds like inner ear problem my Mum occasionally has. She takes sea sickness tablets which sort her out.

  • that is helpful SuziS, thank you there is a local pharmacy here and if this has not righted itself in a couple of days I will give this remedy a go.

    thank you

    best wishes

  • I have positional vertigo too and its no joke. All my GP could give me was exercises and sympathy. He also told me it will return every now and then which is true. I have it just now and I feel miserable. I too have wondered if there is a connection with PBC or autoimmune in any way but he says not. Just these calcium deposits. If there are a a few of us with this problem he could be wrong.

  • thank you June9961 I sometimes feel such a hypochondriac with some of the odd things that crop up, I never know whether it is age related or the PBC. The Mayo Clinic web site intimates that it is more common in those over 50 - well that is me and then some! :-)

    It always helps to know that we are not isolated in these various ailments however I do hope your current visitation disappears very soon.

    best wishes

  • There is an autoimmune disease called menieres that causes vertigo.

  • I've had bouts of positional vertigo, and mine usually goes away if I do an exercise where you sit on the bed, and then fold sideways, each side alternate, for set periods of time, with the head at a particular angle. I can't remember the name of the exercise, but it does need to be exactly, but you should find it described in detail if you google positional vertigo.

    When I first had bouts - about 8 years ago - it occurred for a couple of days with each period, for several months. When I saw a consultant to check for Meniere's and other middle ear problems, I was declared clear of anythings serious, but he said what I had could occur in peri/menopause - though not common enough to be generally mentioned as a symptom. I noticed it got worse with tiredness and sleeplessness when my menopause and hot flushes really kicked in, so it could just be a hormonal thing. I hardly have it now, usually when I'm over-tired or very stressed.

  • Mine seems to be triggered to by stress and overtiredness.

  • I think this might be the Epley manoeuvre. I am going to watch it on you tube and then follow instructions. Oddly although I am on holiday we have some friends joining us for a week, I am quite stressed about their joining us so maybe that has been enough to set me off. I am no longer menopausal age so you may be right with stress.

    thank you for helping me in another direction.

    best wishes

  • You have just described what was happening to me a few years back ( approx 3 to 4 years ago), in my case it was the tablets I was taking at the time and i was on too high a dose, so dont think it's PBC related, i have never had it since anyway.

  • I am not on any new medication but will check side effects leaflet just in case as this is not an isolated event.

    :-) thank you

  • It was very high dose of tramadol that did it to me :o) XX

  • Hi

    Looks to me like you have vitigo. I have had pbc now for a few years and have had a few bouts of vertigo. Don't know weather it's connected to pbc but it goes after a few days.

  • A few days on and I am pleased to say that following a fall the vertigo seems to have gone. The fall was unfortunate and may have been an unrelated incidence but it may have also dislodged that bit of crystal upsetting my head. Who knows - apart from feeling a bit bruised I am happy to report that in myself I am more cheerful.

    Thank you everyone for your help and input.

    best wishes

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