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I'm 41 and was diagnosed last week with PBC, waiting to hear if I also have overlapping AIH. Biopsy is scheduled for Aug 17th. My symptoms so far are swollen liver - not painful, just uncomfortable, dry eyes and some itching especially at night. I'm wondering if anyone out there experiences dizzy spells. I've been getting them several times a day. They come out of no where and last just a couple seconds and are accompanied by light nausea. They are over very quick and I'm back to normal. Looking forward to any replies, this forum has been most helpful teaching me about PBC.

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  • Hi,

    Dizzy spells were my first symptom. The dizzy sensation only lasted a few minutes but for about 20mins after each one I struggled to think straight. Similar sensation to taking strong painkillers. For me these disappeared a few weeks after I started taking Urso.

    So fingers crossed as the treatment starts taking effect then you may see the dizziness ease off too.

    Take care x

  • happyclam, I also had trouble with dizzy spells when I was first diagnosed. My fatigue was very high even though it was summer and I was not teaching full-time. My difficulties during those days gave me a picture of what I was in for if I did not learn to take better care of myself. On this, I may be a slow learner, but I figured it out. Now I schedule in rest time, drink plenty of water, and remember to take my meds. The dizziness was only temporary for me but the unexpected bouts of slight nausea continue without warning. I am learning to take them in stride and keep ginger ale in the refrigerator to get me thru while I work with students. I was diagnosed last summer with PBC after a liver biopsy and I also have Sjogren's syndrome. Life gets better as you adjust to the new reality. Welcome to the "club" that none of us wanted to join! The people on this forum are wonderful and it helps to realize that others struggle with this as well.

  • Yes I get them normally when I've done too much.

  • Hi, I get bouts of dizziness but my GP says he thinks I have an inner ear problem. It passes within a day or two with no treatment. I still say its something to do with the PBC but he says not.

  • Hi I had severe dizziness(vertigo ) twenty years ago.had it for two years .lots and. Lots of tests but no one could find anything wrong.diagnosed Pbc in 2013 and hey presto again this last couple of weeks I've started with the 'vertigo' again!maybe it is Pbc related.certainally worse when under stress .good luck

  • Hello Happyclam,

    I have sent you a direct message.

    Best Wishes

    PBC Foundation

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