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Received letter to make appointment to see my gp after kidney scan?

Hi, been suffering from renal colic and was sent for a ultrasound scan. Was in long

and asked if she could see any stones and she said no and I'd likely passed it. This was on the Friday, on the following Wednesday just received a letter from gp to make appointment to discuss my scan results. This seemed quick as she said results would take a week, my gp must have got results on the Monday or Tuesday. Can't get an appointment with my gp til tues morning, so it has me worried, although if it was something serious I'm sure they would have rung opposed to letter. My concern is because 1 of sister's has sjgroens and SLE with kidney involvement. My other sister has to have her kidney removed also, I also was diagnosed with sjgroens. Another sister died at 52 from bowel cancer. I am the youngest of 6 daughters. Any advice on what could have been found on the ultrasound would be a help. Thank you x

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Also, I have familial hyperlipidemia which I am on 80 mg statins for. My cholesterol is still 14 but it's hereditary although only myself and eldest sister have inherited it. My first post, so apologies for waffling x


Thank you for jumping in and answering the question. It was a new experience and o had no control or reason over it but it started after I did a long travel to India so I'm really not sure what caused it or why it went away.

I will check with my doctor.


Hello ikandee,

I have sent you a direct message.

Best wishes

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