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So I went back to GP Tuesday and got new lab and MRI results. My WBC has went down slightly so she said she would just keep an eye on it for now. My MRI showed my rotator cuff has two tears so now I have an appt with a specialist. It seems like it's one thing after another. This fatigue is really kicking my butt lately not to mention the itch. I have been having a dull aching feeling on my left side under my just under my ribs. Does anyone know what this could be? Hope everyone is well.


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  • I get upper left pain too. They initially thought it was pancreatitis but now they say it's referred pain from liver. I too am having problems with both my shoulders possible rotator cuff, awaiting ultrasound so i would be interested to know how you get on with this

  • Hi wall1409, I go to specialist on 20th. I will keep you posted. I have problems with my right shoulder as well but dr only did mri of left but I am going to ask about it when I go on the 20th.

  • Thanks Lisa

    It's so painful. I was reduced to tears today just because I overstretched my arm when grocery shopping

  • is the rotator cuff issues from the PBC? I've had a rotator cuff injury from a car accident - I hope I don't have to deal with that again

  • Hi Becca

    My GP thinks it's due to arthritis as I already have arthritis in spine, knees and wrists

  • oh okay ...sorry you're dealing with all this.

  • Hi wall1409. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get back. Well, I did therapy for my shoulder which only seemed to aggravate it more than help. So, I got another shot (3 within 5 months) the shots help for a little while. When I went to specialists the last time he was looking at my MRI results he said "oh that is a really bad tear". He said that it can get worse with use. So, my only option besides getting more shots (I think you are only supposed to get so many in a certain amount of time) is the surgery. I am trying to put it off as long as I can. My youngest daughter is having heart surgery this month and I need to be able to take care of her while recovering. Hope you are well.


  • Hi, I have both shoulders done for rotator cuff problems, there were bony Spurs that were rubbing the tendons, very painful, I had about 8 injections in each shoulder before they did anything,

    Since op(keyhole) 3 years apart, the pain has settled, I'm not able to stretch arms above head height or it hurts, I do have wee flare ups, but try to adapt my life round it, I can't carry anything too heavy, even the washing basket, I lowered my clothes line, this helps, if your told you need an op, go for it, it helps the pain,most of the time, good luck, xx

  • Hi Grandkids3, so it is possible to have rotator cuff problems in both shoulders at same time? I have had a couple injections with last one not helping at all. I also try not lifting my arms too high and not behind back. (feels like tearing) Did you try any type of therapy before going ahead with surgery? Thank you, hope you are doing well.

  • I tried physio, wasn't much good as it just aggravated my problem, I had trouble fastening my bra, couldn't get a proper sleep, got that even lifting a cup was so painful, go back to your doctor, say it's ruining your quality of life and need something done, state the injections not helping, lay on the agony bit as they will just drag their heels, it's you that's suffering,

    Your only in hospital one night, and you get physio after, it's been a great relief for me getting the op,

    Good luck, xx

  • Hi Grankids...I went to the ortho specialist and he said that surgery can help and gave me the choice to get another shot and try PT and see if it helps if not then surgery. I decided on the shot and PT since it is summer and I didn't want to be recovering for six weeks while kiddos are out of school. I asked the nurse before dr came in about checking my right shoulder and she said he would after my left was treated. I'm crossing my fingers that the shot and PT helps. I hope everyone is well.


  • Thanks Grankids I most certainly will now. Pain is terrible 24/7 but worse on certain movements x

  • Lisa...the dull ache could be your spleen. They are watching me because of low wbc/low platelets and an enlarged spleen....perhaps you need an ultrasound of your spleen. An enlarged spleen and low counts can be indicators of things not going well in your liver.

  • Hi JenyCville, I had an ultrasound in February and was told everything was good. My WBC has been high for last six months until this month which was slightly lower. My GP just said she was going to keep an eye on it. She didn't say what she thought could be causing it. Thank you. Be well

  • I don't know what it is, but I have the ache under my left rib also, at the bottom of the rib cage. I have been wondering if maybe my spleen could be enlarged. It is in that area. I'm going to ask for an ultra sound when I see the Dr. next week. If I mange to get mine figured out, I will let you know.

  • Hi tammib..that would be good to hear. I am planning on asking my Gastro about it when I go back in Aug. Thank you. I hope you are doing well.

  • Hi, I've got an enlarged spleen, I get a lot of pain, during my 4 monthly MRI scans they told me I had an aneurysm in an artery from the spleen, they put coils in it in January, they blocked off part of the spleen and it will shrink it,hopefully, I'm still in a lot of pain, worse than before, I'm due another MRI , so I will wait on the outcome,

    Hope all goes well for you, it was a ct scan that showed the aneurysm,

  • I have had that feeling on my left side but don't know what it is - just every now and then. When I saw my specialist initially and he was poking around and when she poked over there (pushed super hard) I just about jumped off the table - she said "there's nothing over there" I said "well that nothing hurts a lot when you push it" lol

    glad you're numbers are going down :)

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