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life expectancy

i am 56 found out i had 3rd stage pbc, approx, 5 yrs ago, ihave been woking 7 days a week four at least that long. i have recently noticed a slight change i n symptoms, that need to be looked into, and recently filed for disability for pbc, fibro, and arthritis. i had a very physical job, and though i am filing, i am doing very well, but i also have have the blood of jesus covering me. my father passed at 66, but due to pbc, but his wasnt found till it had become cancerous, his oncologist told him he has less than a year, i told the lord has put it on my heart that it is not his time. she said inevitibily he will be dead with in the year, he said if i'm gonna be dead in a year why quit now, he survived another 7 and a half years continuing to smoke an drink, and had 1 third of his liver removed after an 11hour surgery.

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Mary - Did your father have PBC?



yes he did, unfortunately his dr. missed it, thank god for a substitute dr found it with a simple urine sample.


@Mary Dexter. U come from really tough dad. Hope this helps you in your fight for good health. We will be rooting for you.


thank you, prayers are very welcome, my lord has blessed me and keeps me strong, i have what the bible says is a peace beyond understanding. i just wish my family could find that peace. thats where my prayers are for.

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