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Not been on much but do try read through the posts when I can. I have had results back from a bone scan/DEXA scan and have osteopenia ( think that's right spelling) in my neck and spine but not hips which I good. I have also started back at work roughly 16 hrs a week I'm a nursery nurse but find some days I'll be fine but others like today I been really tired and also hurting loads too does anyone eles get upper right side pain?

Apart from the bring tired and hurting I'm still itching but it is starting to be on and off.

Hope everyone is doing OK. Sending hugs and good thoughts to you all.

Take care Xx

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Hi Lilbear89

Glad to read u r making progress. No pain but the itch...../ grr!

Hope your work goes well.

Best wishes

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I've only been diagnosed for about 3 weeks now. The upper right pain and inflammation in my case is an in larger liver. It can be very uncomfortable and the swelling sometimes makes me look about 6 months pregnant. I have also been getting lower left pain in my back (pretty sure my kidneys are having some issues).


I have osteopenia too i take a calcium and vitamin D supplement my doctor said that is all that is needed right now hoping it doesn't progress glad you are on here, i have right upper pain where the liver sits i have it everyday its what got me to refer myself to the liver doctor and found out i have PBC stage 2 , i found a statistic that stated 17% of PBC patients have this pain...

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I have had awful RUQ pain for three years and has gotten worse. They say I have Sarcoid of the liver but they just did a ERCP and said my SOD was so tight they had to cut threw it just to get to the common bile duct. They said that was four times the size of a normal duct. Well my enzymes are still up and my Albumin is now 3.0 and my plts are like 126 and the cut off is 125. So it's something more than just SOD. I need to see a hepatologist I just don't know a good one. I do have times that I get itchy but not like others have described here. Also my spleen is enlarged.


Get to a liver doctor as soon as you can, let us know how you are doing.


I also get pain in the upper right quadrant. Kind of a dull pain but very annoying. It is not all the time kind of comes and goes. Feel better soon!


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