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Herbal tincture update

hi everyone,

Thought I'd give a quick update on taking herbal tincture. Well I've stopped now for a bit...mainly because I kept forgetting to take it! But before I stopped I had a fibroscan and my reading was 3...this is very very good, as anything below 7 is normal. So I was really pleased with that. My LFTs are pretty much stable and my AMA has come down from 10 to 9. All good! So why did I stop the herbs? Well, it doesn't taste too good, and after the good results I had I think I subconsciously thought I was better, and not really benefitting from the herbal remedy.

Now? Well, I guess I've gone about a month, possibly 2 without taking my herbal stuff regularly and I've started to suffer with more itching, not being able to sleep at night until 3-4am (not always due to the itch, just sometimes can't switch off). So, I'm going to go back on the herbal stuff tomorrow and see if that improves. If it does, then I'll report back. If it doesn't make any difference I'll know that it's not really doing anything.

For me, anyway, the anecdotal evidence is that it does help...so I will put it to the test again and let you know.

best wishes


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Hils67. I am glad that the herbal stuff works for you. I also use natural medication with my Ursotan and my liver encyme counts are the lowest they have ever been. Itching is still there, but it is more bearable. I also find if I drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed and my sleeping pill, I sleep sometimes for 5 to 6 hours without interruption of itching. H


Hi Hils67 always interesting to see what other people are using to help this disease could you let me know which herbal tincture using we are always willing to try at least. Thankyou


hiya - my friend is a herbalist so she makes one up specially for me. She only uses pure herbs - but the tincture she made me has: Rose, skullcap, milk thistle, nettle, schisandra, chamomile, dandelion and lavender. Some herbs are for the liver and some to help me switch off. I also have a nighttime herb - passionflower for the itch and to make me a little drowsy.

I've been struggling with sleep quite a lot recently - I think this is more to do with stress at work, rather than the itch. But it leaves me feeling so drained and tired that i find the itch is worse when I'm tired.

I've found recently if I cut out carbs I feel a lot better, but sometimes I'm just so tired I don't plan my meals - it takes a lot of effort to cut out carbs...a sandwich is just so much easier lunchtime than cutting up lots of salad and putting in a pot to take to work - as for breakfast a bowl of cereal is much quicker and easier than cooking up something. I know I need to go shopping, buy all the right stuff, spend some time preparing food - but when you're tired it's such a chore!!

Apologies, feeling a bit sorry for myself today as I've had to call in sick to work as I couldn't sleep last night - ended up taking a sleeping pill...and now feel like I've got a hangover! Need to get a hold of this sleep cycle :-).



Well 2 weeks on and I would say the itch has certainly reduced. Not gone completely but now it seems to be more of a burning skin sensation rather than a severe itch. Sleeping...well I've had trouble sleeping as its been stressful at work lately. Last night wasn't so good but the night before I had a full unbroken night. I think I need to try harder to go to bed early and avoid the laptop/phone etc at least an hour before bed. Cherry herbal tea does seem to help with feeling drowsy.

Well best get off to work. Hope everyone has a lovely day :-)


Well after going back onto the herbal tincture after a break of a couple of months I really am convinced they are helping me. I don't get as much itching...still get some, but this seems to be more frequent when I'm stressed or tired through work. Work has been very stressful lately but I'm now back under occupational health to see if they can put some adjustments in. I'm using the condition as my lever but really it's down to excessive workload...but at least they're taking notice about how my symptoms for pbc worsen as a result of the work stress. Fingers crossed we can find a workable solution...I'm not ready to reduce my working days just yet as my symptoms are pretty mild.

Anyway, back to the herbs. I've just had my bloods done and for the last result and one previously (August) they're normal!! I'm so pleased, I didn't dare post my august ones incase it was a fluke! My GGT is still a little bit raised but it's within sight of the normal range...it maybe the urso, maybe the herbs or quite posSible the combination.

I wish I still didn't feel so tired though...although I'm thinking this is more to do with the work stress rather than the pbc...I usually feel a lot less tired when I'm on holiday!!


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