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2 weeks on IMOVE

Well two weeks today.been under a lot of stress this week-but today had to take my mum for her routine eye check at hospital.the same hospital that I go to for Pbc.the one that you can never get parked at so have to park several streets away.my mum is nearly 91 so I drop her at the doors with instructions to wait for me then I zoom off to get parked and get back to her.i can remember shooting back(on foot) in 2013 when I was diagnosed thinking they must have made a mistake cos I felt so fit and healthy.three weeks ago I slowly limped up the hill to my appointment to tell him I was sick of the pain(and I was)today -well today I jogged part of the way to get back to mum😀😀yes I still have some pains(bursitis etc) but the stiffness is all but gone!!

I've read what someone posted about overdose of vitamins but now I'm just eating a good diet with Imove and the odd vit d tablet now and again.never felt as well for months.

Will update next week but Imove seems to have the same good responde that yumove does on my dog.so far-impressed😊

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good morning Cazz22

this is good news to read, I am glad you are having such a positive response and glad your dog is also enjoying the reprieve.

best wishes


Great so pleased you have found something that works for you. Keep well


It's really good to hear that things are working out for you with diet and Imove. It must have got you down before. On an off day if you have an appointment for your Mum or yourself could you perhaps go by taxi? In the meantime keep taking the Imove. TinyScot


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