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Week one update on Imove

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was so impressed with my aged dog131/2 year old golden retriever who is on dog supplement yumove that I said I was going to buy the human version called Imove.well one week in and I have to say the pains and stiffness appear a lot more bearable.indeed I've got to say for the first time in months I feel comfortable on an evening.it may of course be coincidental(tho running around like a mad woman this week-usually meaning I can't move the next day).anyway it's enough for me to want to continue with it.it comes in capsule form and gives 45 days supply.fingers crossed-will keep a weekly log for the whole month if anyone is interested .

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Hello cazz22.

Never heard of this Imove.

I'm interested to find out if your bloods remain the same or improved if they are improving taking urso. Certain things can apparently give a bit of a change with the LFTs.


At this moment in time I have to say pain relief is my main aim.my bloods are almost normal anyway but to stop those darned aches and pains so I can live my life-bliss.im praying this stuff benefits me as much as the canine version helps my best buddy


Very interesting! Every morning is agony to me and if there is a natural remedy that works that would be fantastic. I am looking forward to your reports!




Yes do keep us updated, I suffer with fibromyagia or so I'm told. I don't really agree with dx as there are so many people being told PBC can cause aches and pains that I often wonder if consultant really knows.


Fab any relief is worth having a go at something. Let us know if it lasts .


Hi cazz22 didn't catch the name of it?I too have lots of joint achesespecially when I've been in one position or doing too much

Sounds worth a try. Have you rum ot passed the consultant?


Hi ca at.the product is called IMOVE made by lintbells.

I haven't run it past anyone as my consultant reckons until Pbc is in final stages you can reasonably take what you please.to be fair I hurt that much I just want some quality back in my life.i genuinely feel much loser.actually shocked thisorning when I got out of bed.waited for my first wince of the day and there wasn't one😀.still experience discomfort but that's the word-discomfort and only taken it for a week.


Am going to Birmingham on Monday so will check if its okay to take as I have varices stomach ulcers and p.hypertension.thanks

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I hope everything goes well.of course at the mo it's early days that's why I said I'd give a months blog.fingers crossed itl help.

Best wishes


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