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Early Imove update

Not quite into 2weeks yet of taking the supplement IMOVE but noticeable suppleness in getting up walking around .even my husband has noticed how quickly I'm up from the chair.obviously I still have my bursitis pains etc -it's not a cure all but stiffness and pain associated with that is clearing quickly.my ' Pbc' leg /feet ache(the ones the docs say are not related to Pbc) seem much much better AND I've had a busy busy week.

Will keep going and updating but so far quite impressed😊

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IMove sounded really interesting as I'm stiff as a ironing board so I looked on the website but they don't give quantities of each ingredient online.

Cazz22 - do they list the amounts on the container? Specifically manganese.

It's very important not to have too much manganese, so it's pretty essential to know the exact amount each tablet contains.


The nutritional info is on the drum but if you contact Lintbells on01462 790886 or imovejointcare.co.uk you can ask any questions.they are very prompt in replying.they also have a leaflet they will send.


Hiya badpiglet.

I am intrigued by this posting on IMove though I've not got any problems with joints so far except a bit of wear and tear but nothing that is causing me to notice.

I was having a snoop at the IMove site - Lintbells as mentioned.

Don't know if this is what you want but I have found the ingredients and mgs for one capsule on their site. I'll post the link to the site for you if you want to read further.

250mg Glucosamine

150mg Green lipped mussel extract

1.5mg Hyaluronic acid

2.5 mg Vitamin E

12.5mg Vitamin C

1.5mg Manganese



Thanks Peridot - couldn't see the info anywhere!


Hello badpiglet.

I had an after-thought. Noticed there is a few ingredients on here that one can take in a daily vitamin supplement and not sure if taking a multivitamin and being on this IMove would be a good thing. I don't take any supplements except the urso as I call it that being an addition of bile to the system but do know that certain vitamins are stored and then added to whereas a vitmin like Vitamin C for example is expelled out of the urine if we have too much.

This question might be best asked of a pharmacist or doctor.


Very encouraging


Good news! Please keep reporting. My feet are in a bad way now... Strange, because they were ok a month ago.




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