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help with results

ive recently had a blood test and these are my results, just wondering if anyone could advise if I need go and see my gp as when I got them I was told no action needed.just a little worried as serum alkaline phosphataselevel (XE2px) was 108u/l (35.0-104) in October 2014 which is above high reference level and this latest test done last week the level has gone up again to 109 u/l (35.0-104) .

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Hi my alp is 795 and I just see my gastro every 6 months and I am on 750 mg of urso a day but if you are worried see your gp


Hello jen23lilly.

I posted on here about a month ago with regards to what the results were for mine when another poster put theirs on asking. Without getting mine out again to check, I can't say for definite what mine are for the ALP you have mentioned. I was diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010 following visiting GP early that year with itching (and fatigue) and was found to have abnormal bloods (several were) and then found to have antibodies (AMAs).

Now looking at what you have posted, though I am no doctor, yours are only a few numbers out of the normal range that you have put in brackets.

I also think it depends on what other bloods you had taken at the time showed up as usually it is expected certain ones to be abnormal. I started having one called GGT from my first hospital outpatient appointment in 2010 and that was abnormal as it is a blood test done in liver conditions.

What I would be inclined to do if worried, either ring for a telephone appointment (I have for odd bloods previously and have then figures handy with the date taken) or pop in to surgery on a pre-booked appointment and have your GP go through them with you and explain.

If you click on my user name on this reply and check back on my activity you might be able to find the mentioned response with regards to another poster and their blood results. Out of interest even though I have been diagnosed with PBC now for over 4yrs I usually receive 'OK for this patient' when my bloods come back as in PBC apparently we are expected to have a certain variable scale to someone who checks normal.


I think some labs consider 44/147u/l as normal levels but even if it's the ones youve put I personally wouldn't be worried about the result as I know when o was first diagnosed my alp was in the 800s the consultants seemed very un bothered by it

It's been down to 400and something 6 months later then back up again. In fact they don't bother taking it anymore. ..so not sure what that means! So I would not be worrying about it at all at that level but you could check with doc if concerned. Hope that helps.cazer.


I would talk to the PBC Foundation, link at the top of this page to their website, and the site give email links and phone numbers for their advisors.

Why do you think it's PBC, has this been otherwise mentioned?

There are lots and lots of possible variables that you don't mention, eg: why did you seek advice in the first place? What were/are your symptoms? Why did whoever it was (if it was not your GP) decide tests were necessary? Have you had a test for AMAs?

The whole process or condition of having PBC is hugely various and complex, and no two of us are completely alike, so it's hard for us to comment of your situation. Often we just refer to our own diagnostic and symptom experience, and that may not be anything like yours.

Although your ALP level is only mildly high, I would not ignore it, especially as it has risen. Also an ALP rise can indicate other conditions, so you need to talk to someone like your GP - or any consultant he may then send you to - who knows your health history and can look at and test for the whole spectrum of possibly related issues.

Take care, but I would talk to the PBC F, ... and get this checked further.

Take care.


My ALP is 368.

When it gets this high they take an Ultrasound to make sure everything looks ok.

If it is rising your physician should not ignore that.



Thank you for all your comment, i was diagnosed with pbc in 2012 but also have under active thyroid and then last october i was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.i. i was just a little concerned that the levels are going up.


Your ALP is either very slightly elevated, or on the high end of normal, depending on which lab's protocol is followed. In any case, there are many things that can cause this; PBC is only one of them. I would go back and have an ALP elevation workup, which includes screening for antimitochndrial antibody (AMA, a hallmark of PBC) and other indicators as well. That should help you narrow down among the possible causes.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for all your replies


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