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strange feeling

Has anyone experienced a kind of pumping feeling coming up from the stomach,

at the height of it I feel my right side jaw ache and then it subsides. I have to stop, and wait

and I dont feel well at all. Twice this has happened when I walk on rough ground or when I

bend down and come up too quickly - Im being checked for varices soon and I wonder if this

has anything to do with it. It is kind of frightening. It happened before I was diagnosed with PBC

three weeks ago. thanks

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I get this pumping bubbling feeling as well, so long sometimes i also check my pulse and it seems to skip, i don't know what it is or if it's the same as yours but mine seems to come from the centre of me, like in my middle.


Hi, thankgoodness Im not going mad! did you ask your doctor what it was?

My doctor didnt seem too interested at the time but maybe she will be now I have a diagnosis. I would like to know more if you dont mind.


I asked him a while back and he just said possible anxiety attack. Like the response you got really. I must admit though I get a bit frightened as well as I thought it was me heart missing beats, but one of the other doctors said it was okay, though how he could tell without an ecg I dont' know, he only did a blood test :o(.


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