My liver biopsy report. What does this mean?

My liver biopsy report. What does this mean?

I've attached my liver biopsy report from the Mayo Clinic. They did not take the biopsy, but only reviewed the slides that were sent to them. It seems to diagnose AIH but is unclear about PBC stating that clinical correlation is necessary.

The original pathologist from the place that did the biopsy only diagnosed PBC but did not diagnose any AIH. So this is confusing.

Also, we don't know what the focal epitheloid granulomas mean.

Any help in understanding this would be appreciated.

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  • Not sure how the internet works there but you can always try looking you the word. Plus the clinic you went to needs to be aware of the name change of PBC. Im at the Dr at the moment but will try to search it

  • Thank you. Good luck at yur Dr apt

  • Hi,

    Any chance you could call Mayo tomorrow and ask for a clear explanation from the doctor you saw. I had to do that with my hepatologist but when I did, I had all my questions written down beforehand and even recorded the conversation so I could listen to it again and again. I got the doctors permission of course. But I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. I've listened to our conversation several times as time has gone by.

  • The only thing I can find is that it means inflammation of cells. I agree with calling the mayo clinic for farther information.

  • my husband called the Mayo. My Dr told him that all the liver pathologist are going to view it tomorrow to give me my results. The Mayo did not do this biopsy we had to get the slides/biopsy from the imaging center in vero beach Fl. Vero said that I only had very early stages of fibrosis. I never believe them. I had to argue with them to even get my slides to the Mayo

  • Im debating on discontinuing my visits with my Gastro doc in Evansville, IN. He said that when I was diagnosed I was at stage 1, but my heptologist from Indiana university said that was incorrect, I was between stages 2/3. Then my GI sent me back to work after a incident with zero restrictions. I saw my hep shortly after I went back & he asked about the incident, if I had been lifting anything. Yes, I had been putting away inventory, (heavy cases of frozen food). He shook his head & informed me that I should not be lifting anything over 25lbs because I could cause a varicies to burst & bleed. Im just finding differences between doctors. But I feel that my specialist at IU knows more about what's happening to me & my GI is leading me in the wrong direction. Point is, I feel that some doctors try to cover up the fact that they honestly don't know much. It isn't fair for the patients

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