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Holiday insurance

PBC, high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc. my doctor recommended a holiday in the sun.

I don't need telling twice so i booked a holiday in Jamaica,

i cant get insurance for the trip anywhere unless i'm willing to pay huge amount of money.

I realize its going to be expensive, but the few so far are prohibitive, any ideas would be very much appreciated.

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Try Avanti and Explorer. Unfortunately you have chosen one of the most expensive places for insurance, the Caribbean , America, Spain and Canada have a very high premium.


Thanks for the information .

I'll try on Friday and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again.


Try Essential travel, they have a reasonable question list on line once you have stated pre existing medical. They have insured me where no- one else would . Have a great holiday.


I've had over the years various companies. Been insured but not paid to cover my pbc/aih/crest and sjogrens syndrome as too expensive. But always said I have them. Don't just look at companies that cover illnesses as they tend to be very high. Moneysavingexpert.com as advice and sites to compare.

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As exy21 says whenever we travel I declare my problems Scleroderma, Mitral Stenosis, Sjogren's, PBC and Achalasia but I am not insured if anything goes wrong involving those things. Everything else should be covered as long as you check that they are not going to refuse something like a broken leg because it MIGHT have been as a result of PBC!!!!????


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