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Wonder if anyone can help. I've booked a holiday to Cuba and am now trying to source a reasonably priced single trip insurance. I have tried some of the suggestions on here and also called the condition primary biliary cholangitis but no insurers are having it. They are saying that they can only quote for primary biliary cirrhosis and the quotes coming back are ridiculous. To be fair almost as expensive as the holiday. Have any of you got any suggestions please x

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  • Hello Mollymoo50.

    I suppose there was going to be some confusion regarding PBC when the name was changed. Have to say I was one who was not in favour of the change due to what I thought when it was first suggested.

    Primary Biliary Cholangitis is the same as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. So you're going to have to ask for a quote for PBC and then more than likely inform them of the original name but it is also now going to be known as PB...Cholangitis I expect.

    I've never required holiday insurance as yet as I've never been out of the UK. But in my opinion, now I do have PBC a case if I could afford a holiday overseas (which I could) and had desire to go to some place out of the UK then I'd be prepared to have to pay if I declared PBC.

    The Catch 22 is that you don't hav eto declare you have PBC BUT if anything untoward was to happen to you and it was found that it was in any way connected with PBC you'd more than likely have a void claim.

    Liver North in Newcastle have a list of insurance companies on their website (left hand column of their home page) who they say are willing to insure but they do state that they (Liver North) guarantee when one does a quote.

    I don't know if trying through a broker might help?

  • Also most insurances don't cover pre-existing conditions ... so any issues arising from Pbc won't be covered ... at least that's how it works here

  • Have you tried Saga. They insure me for cholangitis. Cost me 90 for a single trip or 140 for the year. X

  • Hi Mollymoo50. If you do a search on this site you should come across some suggestions already from contributors. I haven't disclosed as yet as my condition was only 'likely' and not definite but will be in the same position as you next year as I try to renew my annual cover. I seem to recall one possible insurer World First but I haven't looked at it closely myself yet. Why don't you ask for a quote and exclude cover for PBC? Unless you're at the stage where it's significantly impacting on you that may be an option. Peridot is correct on the name change thing - even the most recent Dr I saw in KCH said cirrhosis not cholangitis so it's likely to be some time before it becomes the common term. Good luck and I hope you have a great time in Cuba (it's on our list of places we want to go too). Adele

  • Try World First Travel insurance.

  • World First Travel Insurance, I shopped around & they were much cheaper than Saga, & gave me the same cover.

    Good luck

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