Esa and bacdated money

I had my health asserment last week on 5th of may 2016 and I'm waiting for my back dated money wondering when I receive the money into my account do I have to wait up to three to get my job centure letter to see how much Esa money for two weekly goes up but confused about backdated though u have wait a week for it???

thanks and love an advice


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  • Sorry I can't help with the answer but I have my health assessment next week and I'm very anxious about it. I have no-one who can come with me and don't do know if I will be able to make them understand how PBC affects my life. Did you find it a hard experience?

  • Hello CathieG.

    Check out my reply on this posting, you might find some useful info on the site I've pasted on.

  • Mine took two weeks but it was all will get a text message from them...good luckx

  • Thank you

  • U mean I had my asserment and got wait two weeks for backdated money?

  • Hello LorriiiNightingale11.

    I've no experience of claiming anything like this but take an interest as with this PBC never know in the future.

    Don't know if this site is of any use to you at all, covers benefits and disability.

  • Read the previous post if you can about lorri as there was lots of advice about what to concentrate on etc.lorri when did you first apply and did you appeal in which case it should be back dated to original application date.that is normal.x

  • Thank you very much and should get a letter from them soon anyway should hear hopefully

  • Good luck.hope you get it all back.x

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