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ESA appeal

i feel slightly deflated really and am wondering what will I have to fight for now, I know sounds daft !

I won my appeal today and have been put in the support group ,now I have the long wait to have my esa payments put into my bank account.

The lady at the appeals section had actually looked up the disease on the Internet and was amazed that it mainly affected women,I hope I get her next year when I am reassessed.

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Great news. I am glad to hear that the lady did do some research on the disease. I would like to believe and hope that that would have been done as the norm anyway....if not that would be shocking and they would not have been doing their job properly.

Good luck for next year...genuine people should not have to go through with all the stress.


can anyone tell me how long an appeal takes, i had my medical in january and i am still waiting for my appeal interview.


my appeal date was 13/14 months after my initial medical


Had my medical 29th July,because I had agreed to it without the paperwork you fill in prior to it they agreed to look at it at the appeal section along with all my evidence,I must say the most frustrating part of it was getting the paperwork to the two ladies post office counters and royal mail had £8 from me and not one of the letters got there next day or even that week,a tip to everyone is that your local job centre can fax or e- mail directly to those dealing with your appeal ( must have an appointment though).

Decision was made the same day I await delivery of the letter seeing it in writing may make me feel better and having all the back money over the moon.

My guess andypandyw is that your going for a tribunal I waited from march 2011 until April 2012 for that but had the decision overturned in 10 mins by the doc and judge it's worth phoning the tribunal service bit of chivying along might help and make sure your evidence is up to date and that if you can you get a support worker with you.


With them having all this info on file now you shouldnt have to go through it again for ESA.

I have just started my 3rd year. 1st year had medical and was put in the working group. "nd year just had form to fill in and carried on in the working group. This year after filling in form again was moved to the support group.

The first year I attended the job centre and saw the dissabilities lady there who took all the details, after seeing her again a few months later she changed me to telephone calls and would ring occasionally to see how i was.

Hope you get the back money through quickly and that you can relax now the stress of it is over.


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