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i resantly won me appeal for my IB money i lost back in march time and the tribunal said there dasision was wrong so duse that mean ill now get back dated to march as if they had dune there job properylyi would have still been on ib till the jobcentre got intuch to tell me they were changing me over to esa as esa says they only back date it 13 weeks am i wrong or am i right as i have thought about it and i am wright in what i am saying thanks for any help given

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All of mine got back dated to may when I had used up all of my 365 days on esa :)

Congratulations on your appeal



Thankyou i am still wating for my money to go bk to were is was and for bk money to be payed to me what i am owed it been twom weeks now


Takes a few weeks after a tribunal it's worth giving DWP a call just to check on progress and ensure they have your correct bank details,mine took about 3 weeks to be paid


Yes you will get back dated all the money owed to you, but it can sometimes take up to 4 to 6 weeks. Good luck.


Congrats for winning. I'm in appeal processs with ESA to be put in support group not work group, takes a long time.


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