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Thyroid and throat

Hi Dmb1,

I read your post about your thyroid and throat and I have the same thing going on with my

throat, it started when I was diagnosed with PCB back in 2012. and at the same time I was

told I had under active thyroid. I have not mentioned it yet to my doctor, but intend to on

my next visit. Will post and let you know what he says. Hope you have a blissful week.

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My doc isn't so sure it's thyroid related but mentioned something else which is auto immune related so she's running a load of tests. You hate running back x forth to the doc with all these complaints which is why it takes us so long to tell them about it xx


I was diagnosed few months ago with underactive thyroid after a lump appeared on my throat & at the same time was diagnosed with Pbc after months of different tests. I'm now on medication for both. But finding it hard to do my job some nights. I worked nightshift but after been off for 14 wks found it hard to continue . I now work 20 hours over 4 nights finishing 2am. I'm at early stages of Pbc but dread to think how I will feel if it worsens . It's the fatigue I'm struggling with. Other symptons I can cope with at the moment. Good luck to all x


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