Another Endoscopy for throat tightness???? -:(

Has anyone had an Endoscopy for having tightness in throat like your air is being cut off??? Cardiologist said it is not caused by the heart ( Thank you Lord) so starting "process of elimination". -:(( - Heart> No; COPD> ??; PBC> ??; GERD>??; AIH>??. Such fun. Had xray of throat today > won't know anything until sometime next week. -:( Does anyone else have this problem???

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  • I have had the throat tightness and put it down to an allergy to the cat. Kept the cat away from me and its gone. Would be intresting to know if they find anything with you though. Let me know. x

  • Jackie, do you mind me asking how long you have had the cat ? is it that you have just become allergic to it.

    The reason I asked was I was hospalized a few years ago with a sudden allergy to birds. I had to get rid of my budgies and parrot. After being diagnosed with the PBC the consultant says he thought it could be related.

  • Morning I've been suffering similar symptoms for the last couple of months and currently on antihistamines and an inhaler. Waiting for special breath test to check for Helicobacter Pylori. Will let you know how things go x

  • Hi,

    I have always had cats but this paticular one about two years. I still stroke her but try not to in such a way that it makes her fur fly about. Like I say I have been fine for ages now with no problems at all. Not yet been properly diagnosed with PBC as bloods so little out they could not be 100%. So I may not even have it. Not really showing any symptoms at the moment. But the tightness in the throat was horrid. Been able to return to my running and cycling which is a blessing.

  • Wow! Thanks for the answers/comments -:) Will take more -:)

    Sure hope it is not caused by my cat. We have had her for 8 years, since she was 5 wks old. -:(. Also the tightness can happen anywhere, not just at home.

    Diane 62 - Might want to research COPD symptoms. Was dx with it about 2 months ago after doing the breathing test and having some rather desperate breathing episodes. As we know, those can be rather frightening.

    Jackie9116 - Sure hope you don't have the PBC, tho' we do like your comments. -:) I think we'll probably let you stick around, if'n ya want. -:)

    Zipitydoo - Knew a fellow a few years ago that appeared to "suddenly" become allergic to their cockatiel (sp?). Became very ill, spent many days in the hospital before they made the diagnosis. His wife had to do some MAJOR housecleaning (it was "lived in" lol) plus get rid of the bird.-:(. Don't know if he was diagnosed with anything else.

    Will let ya'll know how things turn out.

  • I've had an endoscopy for the dysphagia secondary to Scleroderma.

  • I had to look that one up. I don't have that on a regular basis, tho' there are times when it seems my throat is not getting the message that it needs to help me swallow. That is a very un-nerving feeling.

  • I have had 3 endoscopies. Twice it was dilated, for I almost choked once. I think that the reflux problem causes a tightening problem also. They put you under sedation, but once I came out of it while he was doing the stretching I think, and it was a bad situation.

  • I've also had 3 endoscopies. I always ask for anaesthetic as I'm the world's biggest coward. Though recently not been so bad. Used to pass out at the sight of blood, especially mine and now I can even watch while they take it. Still, there have been many many blood tests over the years. Due to have a heart xray this year, the respiratory test, another liver scan - had about 8 so far - think that's all this year. Last year had an MRI concentration on the upper abdomen.

    It can be quite scary when you can't swallow. I was in my brother's house one night for dinner and this happened. I couldn't breath until I actually swallowed the food. My brother said to his wife, "She's trying to claim of our house insurance." So that made me relax a bit more and helped so that I was laughing with them.

    I've tried to laugh throughout all my illnesses though naturally sometimes it gets me down. At the hospital last Thursday and they're quite concerned about my liver. Thing is the Consultant asked me about three times if I drank alcohol - which I don't but it made me realise that had I said, "Yes, sometimes" that would have been the investigation over before it started. As it is they're doing more blood tests so hoping to have the results of that soon as the reflux is really bad as well as the pain. Then maybe they can give me some treatment. All the best, M (:-)

  • I saw the "Internal Medicine" Dr. yesterday and he suggested that the throat tightness could be caused by stress, but I told him that it can happen at any time. He said that the next time that it happened to try to deep breathe and relax. As for the "not able to swallow", pretty much the same thing. (?) So - kind of a 'no answer' day. -:( .

  • Tightness in throat....Hi I have anoverlap of PBC, AIH, and hashimotos thyroiditis.....In hashmptos disease you may have a tight feeling in the throat/neck area due to thyroid nodules.....these are little swellings that appear on your thyroid gland. It is also to do with antibodies. It may be worth asking for a thyroid function test including antibodies.

    Just my thoughts on this question.

  • Hi Conniefused -

    Just saw this - sorry. wasn't ignoring you. -:)

    I haven't had any more "episodes" since being on the Budesonoide nebulizer and Spiriva inhaler every day. Will remember what you have said tho', "just in case"/ -:) I have had others mention the thyroid. Thanks for the comment. -:)

  • Hi i have this its like breathing through a straw i suffer with vcd and gerd

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