Thyroid and pbc

For the past few months I've had a strange feeling in my throat. It's not painful more uncomfortable. Feels like there's a film or something over it x I feel the need to constantly clear my throat x my voice comes x goes. I googled the symptoms, as u do! X came up with thyroid problems. My mum had trouble with her thyroid x I've read that those of us with Pbc r prone to it as well. Has anyone experienced this?

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  • Know the feeling well. If anyone can explain would be appreciated

  • Yip I have that too. It feels like something has got stuck in it. Am going for a thyroid blood test today.

  • Thanks for ur replies. Think il make an aptnent with doctor. Xx

  • I have only had that feeling throughout both pregnancies. Went away right after i gave birth both times, and i do know i had cholestasis during my second pregnancy, so maybe it was related to my liver issues. I understand how uncomfortable it is and wish you the best of luck finding a remedy.

  • Well here I hope I'm not flipping pregnant lol

  • Thyroid tests a good idea ... My GP checked me for all other possible autoimmune conditions when I got my PBC diagnosis, as people with PBC often have/develop others, and has kept up an annual thyroid check with my lfts. Could also be GERD, especially if you have some digestive issues. Tell GP the whole story, don't just gear it to thyroid, so that he checks all possibilities.

  • Hi Dmb1

    Do you feel tired have dry skin and some hair loss ? as these are the main symptoms of thyroid problems ,I have hypothyroidism and do get the horse voice and the need to clear my throat frequently usually first thing in the morning before my next dose of thyroxine.

  • My skin x hair is fine. I'm always tired but I put that down to Pbc. My eyes are constantly bloodshot x are red in the rims x I get headaches too. Have managed to get a doc apment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully will know more after that.

  • Hope you get sorted x

  • Hi just to give u all an update cos some of u had said u had symptoms similar to mine. Doc has requested a test for thyroid x also an auto immune screening to see if it picks up any other auto immune conditions. But she looked at my throat x said it looked clear x

  • Hi Dmb 1

    I know this conversation has been going for a few days, I wonder if you have a dry mouth as well as the throat thing .

    I was recently dx with secondry sjogrens this is also auto immune and gastro said its one that is often seen in those who have pbc, the main symptoms i have is dry mouth and eyes.

    i have a dry sticky throat in the mornings and feel like i need to clear my throat until I drink something to moisten my mouth so i put it all down to the sjogrens.

    My Gp refused to test my thyroid again as the last time I had it done it was okay, but that was 18 months ago.

    I would be interested in knowing how you get on.

    Take care x

  • Hi candy12. No my mouth isn't dry x the rims of my eyes are red x very bloodshot but they're not dry either. Doc didn't seem to think it was thyroid but mentioned another auto immune disease but sure with this flipping brain fog going on I can't rem wot it was lol. Getting tests done on mon so when I get results il post on here again xx

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