Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer

Hello everyone! My Gastro told me that breast and thyroid cancer are more prevelant with people with PBC, so he makes sure I am screened. I had my first Thyroid ultrasound on Friday and they found 2 nodules, 1 about a cm and another smaller than that. Because they were screening me for cancer in the first place, they want to biopsy. I am not super concerned about this, for some reason, though I am usually very anxious about everything. I guess I didn't expect anything and when they found something I was sort of in shock. I read online that 95% of nodules are benign, but I have a friend who had hers found like this and hers was cancer. She had the cancer that easy to cure, not the other one, but still.

1. I am not nervous I will die of this, because if I do have cancer, its very early.

2. However I am nervous if I have cancer that it will make me getting a transplant later harder or impossible.

Has anyone had this happen to them. I was so shocked I forgot to ask if the nodules were solid or fluid filled. He would have told me. But he did want it to be scheduled and biopsy it. He said it was contained in the thyroid and didn't look like it was pushing into any other surrounding tissue. Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.

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  • Hi sorry never heard that before. My liver specialist has never said anything to me so I'm a bit disturbed by this. I shall ask next time I go to Birmingham.

  • I didn't find anything right away, but Hashimoto's is linked. article here.

  • My GP had never heard of it either, so not sure where he got that.

  • Me neither going to ask my specialist when I see him

  • I didnt know that about breast cancer or thyroid and it has never been mentioned to me. These gastro people vary so much., Maybe I will ask next time I go x

  • I've only ever been told of risk of liver cancer and that's why they do ultrasound and afp!

  • Like you spoul I have only ever heard about the liver area and problems but again it doesn't necessarily mean that will occur either as we know.

    Well I have to say that I have no desire to ask any doctor about anything like other problems that might come because I have PBC. I go with the flow of how I am getting along (pretty good still) and spend time doing other things and attempting to forget about the PBC. (Most difficult at night with the itch.)

    I think regarding our breasts, usually anyone just under 50 now can be called up for mammogram so on that score you can say if we are female with PBC we are covered there. (Sorry all the guys on this site, I can't answer there.) But then again I'd say we are no more at risk here than someone who has no PBC.

  • Hi This and the link NotoDJP posted has me a bit worried. I have had under active thyroid for 20+ YRS always steady no change, my last Liver appt showed up that is was now over active and my medication was reduced and I will have further blood test in 4 weeks, however my heart rate was too low (overactive Thyroid causes fast heart rate) so was sent for ECG - I have Bradycardia Sinus, which I think is connected to the Fibromyalgia I also have. I try not to go to GP unless I have to and certainly don't like asking for further test. But may ask for endocrine appt, as never had any thyroid test, just prescribed drugs. I have enlarged Lymph nodes around liver and pancreas and they are being monitored too - all such fun

  • Hello NotorDJP.

    Hope you get the results that you want.

    My view here is that anyone can develop these health problems and I personally have no wish to know.

    So far I've not been informed anything like this by doctors and I do feel that in today's world certain conditions are brought to light that a lot of people would never be aware of and never have cause to wonder or worry about.

    I'm not sure about transplants. Are you at a stage where you might be considered for one? Again I put thoughts like these far far aside long ago now (been diagnosed 4yrs, itching for 5yrs now) and decided I'd deal with things as and when as some things might never be.

  • Hi NotorDJP I had never heard of this, however, my PBC was diagnosed after I had my thyroid removed. My thyroid had enlarged to a point where it was blocking my windpipe which was pretty life threatening. The surgeon said a normal thyroid weighs between 23 and 25 grams, mine was 136 grams. Anyway long story short, it was benign. I was diagnosed with PBC a few months later although I may have had it for a few years. I now wonder, because of what you've been told, if the reason my thyroid enlarged was because of the PBC. Try not to worry re thyroid surgery. It is pretty straightforward. Good luck x

  • NotorDjp,

    Do you have Hashimotos? I think they do go hand in hand.

  • I don't have it, as far as I know

  • Wishing you the very best of luck and much good wishes notordjp

  • Thank you for the positive thoughts. I really hope this isn't anything. I have to pay for more doctor bills this year again. I thought I was going to be able to relax and just get on with my PBC. Its really kind of getting me down. I truly don't think there will be anything wrong, but last biopsy I had confirmed I had PBC.

  • Hi there all the best for ur thyroid biopsy. I have had an Under active Thyroid for about 5 r 6 yrs can't totally remember when it was diagnosed my Pbc was diagnosed in 2002 following a yr of havin symptoms of it worst for me was and still is the horrible itch! I takeThyroxine for the Thyroid. Think in USA they do lot more tests than here in UK and suspect that is due to u all paying for ur medical care privately as well as the fear Dr's there have oflitigation if they miss diagnosing and treating conditions, just my opinion. Let us know how u get on hopefully will be ok. The Pbc is enough to live with xoxo

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