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Medication to take for severe cough and congested chest

When one develops a cold , ( cough ,congestion , headache , fever )what medications can one take--over the counter -doctor prescribed ? My doctor is never sure what to give me. Having PBC and HH , creates a problem as many are not experienced in the field.

PBC individuals , Is there any herbals , one can take ,to help in the prevention of colds and flus.


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Nevaehddg, As a teacher, I learned that prevention is better than illness. I try to always wash my hands before I eat and to keep my hands away from my face. When my students start sniffling, I add Emergen-C (powdered vitamin mix) to my normal supplements for the extra immune system boost and I use the breathing strips at night to handle allergy symptoms. The dietary move to even more raw and fresh foods each day also helped. Constant exposure to kids for 30+ years has helped me build a strong immune system (maybe too strong with the PBC diagnosis!). The cold lozenges with zinc (Cold-eze) have helped me in the past as well as mixing water and hydrogen peroxide half and half and gargling with that when I know I have been exposed to possible strep throat infections in my students. Beyond that, extra rest and staying away from sugar help keep you strong.


Hello Nevaehddg.

I've always been one to sit certain things out but for me I have to say colds are not something I have ever really been prone to. I do during the winter months in England get a bit colgged up due to the temperatures but I just get along with it as I'm not technically sick with it. I put it down to the fact I was raised in a house where both my parents smoked and know that when I was a child I used to have a bad barking cough in the colder months which I do think was due to the environment. (I've never been a smoker nor lived with anyone smoking since leaving home at 18.)

Apparently medicatons that aren't given a warning about being used with other medications or conditions are said to be pretty well tolerated with PBC unless you have reached a rather advanced stage of the condition. I have read this in the GP leaflet that is supplied from the Foundation and you can see it yourself online if you haven't got one.

Given colds are a virus I am not sure if it would be 100% possible to actually avoid a cold. I think some of us are more prone to certain things in certain areas of our anatomy anyway.

The season is almost upon us where letters will be rolled out from GP surgeries in the UK if you haven't been in for an appt in the period with regards to the uptake of the 'flu jabs. Again it seems deemed that it is safe for use in PBC but personally I beg to differ myself and as yet have not taken up the offer. Besides the active component of the jab there are allsorts of other chemics that make up the vaccine and not sure about this vaccine but mercury can be one even if in a minute quantity.

Vitamin C as a regular intake is apparently supported to be good at fending off colds but can't say if it is right or one of the 'old wives' tales'.

I think it depends on you as a person. My thinking here is that anything that I can avoid, OTC or GP prescribed meds (I only take urso and can't say I am happy about that being a for life med) then I shall as to me the better.


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