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Have PBC. Can I take antibiotics and/or Advil?

I have chronic sinusitis, had three surgeries on the sinuses in the early 1990s, but still experience on going sinus infections. Is it safe for those of us who have PBC to take antibiotics? Also, is Advil liquid gels safe to take? If not, what ups safe?

One more question for now, if this is an autoimmune disease does that mean we avoid taking anything to booster immune system. I am feeling very run down and have been told to avoid anything that will boost immune system because that will strengthen the attack on the bile ducts


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Sorry you are not feeling well. Both ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be hard on the liver and should be used very judiciously. Most liver docs seem to favor one over the other and have their own guidance for taking when necessary. Call the doctor who monitors you and ask what they advise. Antibiotics are fine when necessary, but again, you should probably run it by your doctor to see if they prefer some over others. When in doubt, check - or have your PCP check on your behalf. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Thank you so much for your reply. I don't have a liver specialist. I moved and my new family doctor is supposed to be referring me to a one. Am calling in reminder tomorrow (now today)!

Hard to find good doctors.

Thanks again! Hope you are having a good day!

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Seajeanie, you are most welcome. It was very late here (east coast U.S.) when I replied, and I missed part of your post. I suspect whoever told you not to try to boost your immune system was referring to the idea that autoimmune diseases may be characterized by an overactive immune response that attacks your own tissue. It's thought to be more of a dysregulation or disorganization rather than an across the board overactive response. You can absolutely help your body and immune system by supporting it with healthy nutrition, exercise, vitamin C, and supplementation to correct or optimize any deficiencies or insufficiencies. In particular, have your vitamin D and B12 levels tested, as well as your iron and thyroid. Aim to get your D and B12 in the upper part of the normal range - very important in autoimmunity. I have to take at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 to keep it at optimal levels and it's common for many to be deficient. Getting your serum D level in the 60 - 85 range can make a world of difference in how you feel. Low B12 can also really zap you. Cut sugars and processed foods, get good sleep, and I hope you feel better soon. It's probably fine to take a standard dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen once in awhile if needed, but for anything more, definitely consult a liver specialist as soon as you get one. All the best. 😘


Thank you Dianekjs. I will definitely follow up with my doc and have those checked. Hope you were not hit too hard with the snow storm!


It is easy to go to drugs.com and check whether the potential drug to be prescribed is okay. Doctors do not all have the same drugs in their armamentarium. E.g. augmentin would not be a good choice for one with PBC but it is a major choice for sinus infections.

Advil is okay. No aspirin products or Tylenol (,name in USA)/acetominophin.


Awesome, thanks!


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