Two questions about PBC arthritis (if you have it). 1. Is your PBC arthritis worse in winter? 2. Where do you have PBC arthritis?

My answers: 1. I find I get much more pain over the winter months. And 2. I have symmetrical small joint arthritis which started in my thumbs, spread to all of my fingers, then my wrists, and now my toes. It never swells or gets hot, but just hurts.

I'm just curious if other PBCers are similar.

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  • Like you my pain is worse in the winter and I also get it in my fingers,hands and toes.

  • Hi!

    I have also joint pains during the winter season when it gets cold, and in my case also a hybermobility in joints creates pains. I have also noticed that sometimes when I step a wrong way and hurt my angle, it will take a time to heal. I have thought that it has something to do with vitamins which affect to joints.

  • Yep winter is worse, I have hot baths and hot water bottles, they do releave the pain, Hands, knees, hips, wrists,now shoulders in that order..I have gone off all meds for the rheumatoid and i feel better, very sicky on them,. Just paracetamol when i need.

    Just on meds for hiatus hernia and vit injections and a few other bits, no Urso yet my silly gastro guy said after 6mths "actually i dont know much about PBC so will refer you"?? great?? Waiting for that referral?? Ah biofreeze(Boots) also really help muscle pain and joint pain.That is worth a try.. Cheers x

  • Pain is worse in winter but do suffer other times of year too. Constant pain in fingers, wrists, toes, ankles, knees, hips. I also get lumps on my fingers which are very painful when developing but then do not hurt once fully formed but the lumps do not go away. My fingers sometimes get hot, swell and feel quite stiff. Under the balls of my feet and heals get very painful, I get a burning sensation and it feels as if I am walking on pebbles. I occasionally have elbow and shoulders pains.

  • Hi Keren,

    I also find the arthritis worse in the colder weather and though I had episodes involving almost every joint when it first occured, usually now it affects my hands and wrist most. Mine has not been officially related to PBC, but the rheumatologist I saw 4 years ago when the arthritis started did not really come up with an answer other than it was an intermittent type of arthritis. Now having been recently diagnosed with PBC and having read the experiences of others it does seem to be frequently associated.

  • I find my arthritis is worse in winter. I have after 5 years been diagnosed with PBC Arthritis. My new rheumy says it does exist and he is currently treating 3 patient with it. He put me on Hydroxychloroquine and it has been a real help with the pain and the brain fog. Trouble is.....finding a rheumy who knows about PBC and has any experience is not easy.

  • I have a rheum as well and made sure he specialised in immunology

  • Is paracetamol safe for us to take?

  • I have been told no

  • Hi spainspain2 I have p b c 1st stage.chronic ostio arthritis an get bad finger ,wrist an elbow pain. The pain clinic told me to take.paraceteol,,,and codeine separately when pains I guess its ok.

  • Yes much worse . Seen rheum about it

  • I am based in Queensland Australia where its always hot compared to the northern countries and OA still strikes bad in the winter.

    Our local swimming pool has a hydro pool which is kept at 32c and its FULL with OA suffers at 6am each winter morning.

    I was talking to my mate who is a Doctor he thinks your body gets used to the local climate very quickly and adjusts so it does not matter where in the world you are, if you have mild winters like us or cold winters like the UK OA will find you.

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