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My questions are to all those with PBC and AIH overlap.Which of your conditions was diagnosed first and with the AIH did you have jaundice?

I attended Hepatology last week and my consultant has informed me that he thinks I may have PBC AIH overlap as my Bilirubin has been rising steadily for few months now. So I am now wondering if I do in fact have AIH if I have had it all along as the symptoms are very similar to PBC in that it lists itch joint pain and fatigue which I had all of when I was diagnosed. However I didnt have weight loss or jaundice at that point. Only other time was jaundiced apart from now was when I was pregnant back in 2006-7 when my liverwent into a degree of failure and I lost lot of weight during the pregnancy but when I was put back on the Urso as far as I know the Bilirubin settled again and once I had my little boy did manage to put weight on again. So I am wondering if I do have AIH would the Bilirubin be high all the time if not on treatment for AIH? I am hoping that the consultants other theory is the right one in that the rising Bilirubin could just be a progression of the PBC. I am getting married next yr and have just recently bought my wedding dress so would hate to have to go on steroids and possibly put on lot of weight. Equally though do not want to be walking down the isle the colour of a banana!!! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Hope you are all keeping well.

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I was diagnosed wirh overlap syndrome last year. The treatment is steroids and another drug but once levels come down only a small amount. I have had weight gain but only about half a stone.


Thanks for reply and sorry to hear in your post your are having so much pain. Go to your GP he/she should be able to prescribe something to help you. Best of luck. Bfn. x


Is this a club of 3 with overlap syndrome? Told both at the same time but only treating aih at the moment. Steroids and azathioprine- dont weigh myself but the trousers arent getting tighter so think it hasnt been much weight gain. Just be aware of what you are eating. I dont want to jinx myself but no itchiness or jaundice just joints and twinges under right ribs and bowel stuff that I wont go into....Supposed to see specialist on monday for first appt since june and starting medication and hes cancelled. Next appt is in feb, needless to say I am furious. Have called his secretary to ask for an earlier appt as this is not on. Why is it that specialists are so blase` about these things?


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