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Methylcobalamin B12 Ampoules for UK delivery?


Hi I'm new to this forum,

I'm looking for advice on where to buy Methycobalamin B12 for self-injection. The suppliers in the UK (now licensed to sell what would have originally been purchased direct from Germany), are saying that they cannot supply until after Christmas, and they are also expensive - £100 for 3 ampoules!

I have looked on Arnika, Versanadapo, and Bodfeld, (as per previous posts), but I'm slightly confused as I'm new to buying this and there seems so many choices.

I want to make sure that it is safe etc. If you have recent experience (as I can see that some sites are curbing orders to the UK), and have already ordered I'd be so grateful. Any buying method is an option too - ie., phone / online etc...

Any suggestions most welcome. I would also consider Hydroxocobalamin which is what I get from NHS.

Thank you in advance


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As you are on hydroxocobalamin then I suggest that you stick to this.

Methylcobalamin is much less stable and more expensive (as you have found) and while good for many people in sprays and tablets, it isn't always well tolerated in injection.

If you have a known problem with methylation then you can use methylfolate instead of folic acid but don't unless you have to as it's expensive and again you can get (very) bad headaches.

I use and pay with PayPal for my ampoules and for my needles and syringes.

If you look up wedgewood s replies by double clicking on her name and looking under the heading "replies" you can find all sorts of information on SI and other useful comments by other very helpful contributors.

As the DNA synthesis, nerve function and energy release processes that use B12 all require many other vitamins and minerals to work properly, please be aware that you are likely to benefit from a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for this advice.

I am on "maintenance dose" (every 3 months) but want to respond to my own symptoms.

I have this link to the site you recommended from a previous (always very helpful!) post: I

Apologies for needing hand-holding (!), but I just want to make sure that the link is correct, and that I am purchasing the correct solution. I'm a bit green (and scared!) when it comes to the self-injecting (GP very unhelpful but PAS amazing!).

I was looking for Methycobalamin, simply because I was told by a clinician that Methycobalamin was "superior" to Hydroxycobalamin due to absorption. That said, I responded very well to Hydroxy via NHS so no reason to change. I certainly don't want to pay more for a substance that is less stable and with marginal difference.

I am also taking iron and magnesium in combination also, thank you so so much.


I've just checked it and it looks fine to me.

Did I give you the link to

I get my needles and syringes from them now. You are supposed to use 23G needles for safety reasons (they are bigger and more robust) but I use smaller 26G x 1" and find them much more comfortable.

It’s difficult to obtain because the Germans haven’t fallen for the hype about methylcobalamin on clickbait websites. They realise that hydroxocobalamin is cheaper, more stable and just as, if not more, effective than methylcobalamin.

If you can get methylcobalamin ampoules over here then the cowboy suppliers will ship it unrefrigerated and will tell you that it doesn’t need to be stored chilled. That means it will quickly go off - to hydroxocobalamin.

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