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Help with results please



I have just had some private blood tests done to check my thyroid. However, it has shown up that my folate is very low. I have made an appointment with my GP for 29th October but just wondered if anyone could comment on them. I’ve been attempting to manage my underactive thyroid for 2 years now but I know absolutely nothing about folate. So, I’d very much appreciate any advice, on if these results are a problem & what I should be expecting my GP to do about them (because we all know they’ll fob me off if they can 😊)

I’ve put my results below for the past few years, just in case it helps. I began taking sublingual b12 methylcobalamin and a Vit b complex after my test in July 2016 & reduced it to just 4 sprays of Be Well B12 spray after my test in May 2017.


B12 - 285 (180 -910)

Folate – 3.49 (5.4 – 24)


B12 - 256 (insufficient 140 -250)

Folate – 13.41 (10.4 – 42.4)


B12 – 1295 (180 -910)

Folate – 4.91 (5.4 – 24)


B12 – 1080 (180 – 910)

Folate – 10.84 (>5.4)


B12 – 533 (<25 deficient, 145 -250 insufficient, >569 consider reducing dose)

Folate – 4.56 (8.83 – 60.8)

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You seem to have no problem absorbing oral B12. If you’re not vegetarian then you could probably get enough from food. But keep up the spray if you want to.

Your folate bounces around near the bottom of the range. I would try 400 mcg a day of folic acid from the supermarket.

A large percentage of people have problems breaking down folic acid (synthetic version of B9). Instead look for supplements with Methylfolate which is fully broken down form of B9 which is readily absorbed.

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