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PA, auto immune gastritis now Heliobacter bacterial infection on top



I have just recently ( few months) been diagnosed with auto immune gastritis ( through endoscopy)

No heliobacter found in all tests.

Been treated with b12 and iron injections and feeling much better, until a few weeks ago when I had an acute gastritis ( vomiting diarrhea etc) . Doctor did several tests ( lactose intolerant cake back positive- ie) and after more tests now just been told also acute heliobacter infection.

Im worried about the treatment as I can’t take the acid blockers normally prescribed and treatment will involve several antibiotics ( I’m also allergic to penicillin!)

Anybody have any experience with treatment of heliobacter on top of the auto immune gastritis?

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Hi Ronja

I've just answered another query about h/pylori here:

Has your GP suggested any alternative? After really unpleasant bouts of gastritis and H/Pylori discovered after endoscopy, I was warned by my GP that treatment with high antiobiotics would be unpleasant (I was still working at the time) but it was not too bad after all. However, H/pylori can come back......

Ronja in reply to Polaris

Thanks so much for your reply.thats given me some hope . I’m hoping to get on the medication soon and start to feel better


Hi Ronja

I suffered from autoimmune gastritis and developed acute on chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers due to infection by heliobactor pylori. Extremely ill and lost two stone in weight within four weeks 😖.

Like Polaris, I found that the triple antibiotic therapy was not too troublesome (when compared to the effects of acute on chronic gastritis, the antibiotics made me feel much much better 😉). Two weeks after the initial treatment cycle, an HP breath test showed the HP was still present so I was prescribed a second course of triple therapy antibiotics. And that did I the trick.

There are different antibiotics that can be used so your GP should be able to avoid using penicillins and the trick is to test two weeks after completion of the antibiotics and then re-treat immediately if the HP is still present. Then test again after two weeks.

As PA causes low stomach acid you should not need to take the acid blockers that are usually prescribed for gastritis or post-HP eradication therapy (I didn't - no acid to block because I don't have any).

As Polaris has said, there are alternative therapies for the treatment of HP - but no idea if or how effective these are (never tried them).

Those with PA do to tend to suffer with HP infections - sometimes repeatedly (I've had it four times now). Nobody knows why but perhaps it's due to low stomach acid (but that's just me speculating 😉).

It's really important to get this treated and cured because it can make you feel very very ill - as you probably know by now - and left untreated, can cause peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer (later in life).

In my case, I got as far as peptic ulcers which is why I persevered with the antibiotics until the HP was finally eradicated.

Good luck. Eradication is possible...😉😀.

Ronja in reply to Foggyme

Thanks for the reply

Yes indeed this has made me feel very ill so I want to get rid of it ASAP ! It’s good to know it is possible to cure it.

Ronja in reply to Foggyme

Did you have to do (another) endoscopy to establish the ulcers? I have done the breath test for pylori but now the doctor wants to do another endoscopy to see if I have developed ulcers before deciding on the treatment. She said this is standard procedure ..?

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Ronja

Hi Ronja. Yes, I've had several, including one to identify ulcers and then another six months later to check if they were healed. So, I'd go with your GPs suggestions.

Good luck 👍

Ronja in reply to Foggyme

Did you feel better once you completed the antibiotics treatment ? Finished mine a week ago, and still having all the symptoms ...

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Ronja

Hi Ronja. took quite some time for the gastric lining and ulcers to heal. First noticeable improvement was with gastric reflux, which hasn't returned.

Though I suspect I have low stomach acid, I did remain on PPI's for four weeks following HP eradication - to give the ulcers a space heal (because no real way of knowing if I did have low stomach acid, rather than high (symptoms are the same) hedging bets, I guess.

Although the HP has been eradicated, I do still suffer from some gastric symptoms (fullness, lack of appetite, gastric pain)...but this is due to another underlying autoimmune condition and the strong meds I have to take, so quite difficult to match my experience to yours.

Suggest that if your symptoms don't settle, discuss with your GP...and get another urea breath test to ensure that the HP has been eradicated. If you're taking PPI's (or other antacids), you'll need to stop,for two weeks,prior,to the breath test so that the results aren’t skewed.

Many here eat sauerkraut (organic and unpasteurised - or make your own) and report that it works well for gastric issues. Also Symprove (very expensive but all the reports I've heard about it are good - some take one course and the revert to sauerkraut etc.). Both are said to re-populate the gut with 'good' bacteria, which can depleted following antibiotics and HP infection)

Hope you get some relief soon 👍

hi there, i had h pylori and i found the antibiotics gave me diarreah around day 8 but i started probiotics in evening, min of 3 hours after last antibiotic for the day and it stopped in 2 days.

it took 8 months after treatment before my body started absorbing b12 on its on again so dont lose faith about being able to get off injections if you still need them for several months.

additionally make sure you are retested 2 months after treatment to make sure it was eradicated as it can recolonize if not completely eradicated. i needed 2 rounds of treatment before i was successful.

best of luck and health

Ronja in reply to KimberinUS

Same question for you: did your symptoms go away after completing the antibiotics? Mine are still the same a week after completing ....?

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