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Cyanocobamalin B12 Injections

clivealiveForum Support

Joy O Joy my prescription request on 7th July for cyanocobamalin B12 (Cytamen) injections has at last been "filled" by the pharmacy.

However when my wife Gill 'phoned to happily tell me this I asked her to check the "expiry date" and as it was only to September 2018 I asked her to go back, jump up and down and wave her arms about and give them her "Dinner Lady" look as I still have two vials left with the same end date so at least 3 or 4 of the "new" ones will be unusable.

Eventually a new pack was produced with an expiry date of November 2019 my worry now is that they've given her Neo-Cytamen (Hydroxocobamalin) by mistake. Hey Ho!

Can't wait for Gill to get home now.... Watch this space.

Thanks wedgewood and Gambit62 for their help and advice to me during my past anxious weeks whilst there appears to have been a widespread shortage of the cyanocobamalin due (I think) to manufacturing problems.

Lets hope Gill remembers to bring some food back with her....

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That's excellent news clivealive.

Food? Why...looks as if you've put weight on 😉😀.

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Foggyme

Not only did Gill come back with the "right stuff" but also brought some food too so we should be OK now thanks Foggyme .

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to clivealive

So...a heap of tasty morsels with a large side of B12. Yum yum perfect 🙃

clivealiveForum Support

My joy is increased in that Gill brought home the correct cyanocobamalin B12 injections - and some food too :)

So glad for you, and if they can source supplies once? ..then maybe your worries are over.?

clivealiveForum Support in reply to 1capricorn3

Thanks 1capricorn3 I've already submitted a repeat prescription :)

So pleased for you Clive - it feels horribly threatening when you can't get your supplies, doesn't it!

It shows you're probably the only NHS customer on it - they bought one box for you years ago and now it's going out of date they've forgotten how to re-order it!! 😁

Glad you're all set up again! X

clivealiveForum Support in reply to deniseinmilden

I think it was a manufacturing "glitch" the same as what happened a couple of years back but it seems to be back on stream now. Thanks deniseinmilden - take care.

Glad to hear she came back with the right B12.

Dinner lady look must have worked....

Somehow I never envisaged you looking so slim! I know you get "yours" via a prescription, but I think the European wide shortage must be at an end as I ordered cyanacobalamin from versandapo on Monday and it arrived 48 hrs later on Wednesday! So I am now happy for a good while. Here's hoping you reach 87 then 97 then at least 107 clivealive.


glad you have the B12 and the food you need.

Fantastic news fingers crossed for the future xx

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Miss-guineapig

Makes typing difficult though Miss-guineapig :)

Ha ha ha x

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