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Started B12 injections again

Hi small query wondering if anyone on here had noticed a difference to Peri-menopause symptoms whilst having B12 injections?

I was having cytamen ( excuse the spelling before ) and it was stopped as I had swelling all over with it, hands , legs, face everywhere! 😢

After two and a half months I noticed I was a lot more tired and having awful hot flushes gp has started me back on hydrox ( shortened name lol ) and had 2nd one today and already hot flushes greatly reduced almost zero??? Wondered if just a fluke or not!!!

Been on hydro before and it does make me feel very squeamish to start with but rather that than be blown up like a balloon!!

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sorry to hear about the reaction to the shots - sounds like it was one of the other ingredients.

cytamen is a brand of cyanocobalamin.

In answer to your question - my B12 levels definitely affect my hormonal reactions and vice versa. Can't say I really noticed any impact on hot flushes (mainly because those started after I was on B12) but the unbalanced emotions certainly improved ... and periods became more regular and lighter when I started on B12.

B12 deficiency can, I believe, precipitate early menopause so possible that that may be going on for you as well with the hot flushes going.

People do respond very differently to B12 in general and different forms of B12 affect people in different ways.

Good to hear that hydroxo doesn't seem to cause the swelling - might be worth comparing the ingredients in cytamen with those in the brand of hydroxo that you are now using just in case it picks up something other than cyanocobalamin that you might want to avoid in future


I have a good friend who was thrown into menopause by a severe B12 deficiency that almost killed her. After being on B12 shots for a few months, her period started again. She previously had only been showing the beginning signs of perimenopause.


It's really a tragedy how little is known about the effects of B12 deficiency by the medical profession. They really need to get a grip and listen to what patients are telling them.

How many women are experiencing early menopause and being told they're just unlucky, nobody knows why and so on?


I had a dream.

A modest number of GP surgeries are chosen, more or less at random, and a single factor such as B12 deficiency (or, given my "home" forum of Thyroid UK, a thyroid issue) positively looked for and then investigated more thoroughly.

Perhaps every patient who turns up for a year gets a B12 test - with MMA and antibody follow-ups in anyone who is low - or even literally everyone? (And, I guess, Full Blood Count or better to check for macrocytosis or other abnormalities.)

Treatment to be at the top end of current practice - loading and monthly shots, high-dose oral or whatever. None of this 50 mcg tokenism. Nor 12-weekly shots.

At the end, a full and clear assessment. Looking for the numbers who are low, and the impact of treating everyone who is low. Seeing if treatment for intercurrent issues is more effective when B12 is replete. Checking for any negative effects (and squashing the "too much B12" mantra). Most importantly, looking for associations such as with early menopause - which is also reported all too frequently in hypothyroidism.


Good dream!

My dream is for there to be separate clinics in general practice for chronic multi symptom conditions, like B12 deficiency, ME, thyroid, migraine et al, where it is not 'one symptom per 10 minute appointment' and where patients are not in competition with emergency and urgent cases: thereby removing the implication of them being time wasters.

Additionally, these clinics would offer an initial appointment of an hour to make a thorough assessment, and would follow up the first appointment making further referrals where necessary. And they would recognise the importance of clinical symptoms and medical and family history as well as the 'normal' range of blood tests. The personal and social effects of having a condition like this would be recognised, and support offered.

Asking too much?

If we can't have that, then at least make B12 injections either available OTC, or at an accessibly priced clinic.


A wonderful well thought out dream! May it come true.

Edited to say 2 wonderful dreams! :-)

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I like both those dreams but it seems to much to ask that we are listened to properly and not made to feel that our symptoms are not important!!

After second loading dose which was yesterday I feel very squeamish today!! Honestly sometimes feel like is this all worth it could scream !!!


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