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High liver levels and low B12

Is it safe to take b12 5000 mcg when one has elevated level of liver. I’m new to low level b12 and have gained a lot of hope from your site. Thanks

Sorry should mention my 334 b12 level. With neurological symptoms

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Have you been told to take the tablets by a doctor? If not, then you should ask your doctor if it is OK.

334 is not a low level of B12, so it’s possible that your symptoms are caused by something else. Only a doctor can tell you for sure.


Thank you for your reply. My dr has been unable to figure things out but I exhibit all symptoms of b12 deficiency. And I’ve had to request specific tests as he is completely unsure what on earth is going on. I have noticed my TSH levels have been increasing while bilirubin levels are decreasing which were 18. Also I’ve been ill for a year. Weakness, fatigue, joint pain almost feels in the bones, dizziness , unable to walk for more than 5 minutes. Tingling in head and throughout entire body and muscle twitches all the time. He says my tests are all fine because “they fall in range” but yet cannot explain why I’ve been feeling like this for so long. I’m literally on my own as he is useless. So I figured if it is b12 then I could at least start that treatment and if I improve then this is the cause. I’m completely exhausted unable to work, go to school, drive , walk or go shopping. My memory is so far gone I feel like i have Demetia. Forgot also have tinitus.


what is happening about the TSH levels? have you posted on the TUK forum


in respect of the results - it is possible to be hypothyroid well into the normal TSH range and rising levels would suggest that your thyroid is starting to struggle.

Unfortunately there is a huge overlap between thyroid and B12 symptoms.

Note: personally I would caution against some of the advice around B12 levels - particular the need for them to be over 500 - that is prevalent on that forum. B12 levels are the levels that are right for you - there is a huge normal range because people vary significantly so applying a specific to all individuals is not good logic. What would be more interesting is any trends in your B12 levels over time. Liver problems can result in B12 dumping - so a high B12 level and then a drop that then continues if your liver is no longer able to store B12 properly.

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Thank you!!! For your reply.

Im totally new to all this so I didn’t know about that other site. I basically stumbled upon b12 first and though well it’s a start. The thing is my dr never tested me right away. Took 3 months (November) he did blood work and even then he only did TSH. Which came in at 1. Then I managed to get another test in April and TSH 1.23. It’s now July and I managed to go to walk in clinical c and TSH was 1.32 and was able to get Free T3= 3.99 and Free T4=14.1

I know nothing about any of this so it’s been a huge struggle for me as my brain is in constant fog and tingling so I’m hopu and praying through sites like these I may find someone who knows more of what to look for.


suggest you re-post the above on TUK

unfortunately GPs tend not to be aware of limitations of tests and are generally just following protocols aimed at pointing them in the right directions

Not sure if the difference in TSH is significant or not. It can be very difficult with symptoms that overlap with a number of other conditions.


Could it be adrenal problems?


sorry but you are going to have to follow up with a medic. If your own GP isn't delivering then ask for a referal to a specialist. Posting on TUK for that question might also help - not directly related to PA.

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TUK what’s that!


What kind of specialist would I need to see? Any ideas.

Thanks very much for your suggestions. I’m going back to this GP after the long weekend is over.

Thank you kindly.


Are the adrenal glands impacted from stress,?? I do believe this past year has been quite stressful for me specially before all the symptoms begun.

Would they also impactbliver function? And raise TSH levels??

Thank you kindly for all your input.


I had high cortisol about 2 years ago but I think mine was caused by inflammation and intolerances / toxins, I managed to lower it, I’ve had a snatched test recently that was fine, you gave to get pay private saliva cortisol tests. I’m not sure about liver but I have just been diagnosed with PBC which leads to liver cirrhosis


Hi and thank you for your reply. I went to a naturopath who tested cortisol and she felt it was depressed. What’s PBC? Sorry I’m honestly so new to all this. My liver enzyme was 30 and 31 our of 36. My bilirubin was 18 out of max 17. Magnesium .69 range. 0.64-0.98. My doc did not test for vitamin D or folate.


Do you have auto immune problems have you had your antibodies tested, I have Hashimotos/ gluten intolerance and primary Billiary cirrhosis look it up you show some signs but could be temporary unless you have antibodies for it, that’s how I found out through antibody testing


Im not sure. From what I read all my antibodies cane back negative. I was highly stressed and not eating well the year before I got I’ll (been I’ll since August 2017. ) also my TSH levels seem to be climing. 1, 1.23, 1.34 currently. Have no idea if this means anything. How do I put up my lab results up? To show others??


Then you probably don’t have PBC, I don’t know for definite, but yes every day stress can mess with your adrenals. If you look on google I think it’s about 2 anything over that your hypothyroid, then need T3 and T4 checking. You have to start new heading and attach the photo of results in with your comment or type the results out on here


All these organs rely on hormones and one can mess the other up they all rely on each other to do they’re bit

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Yes. Agree. At first I thought I had flu or something for a month then severe head tingling. I’m looking to start liver complex as it was highly exhausted my scores were quite high range for my liver. So I’m thinking maybe star with my liver then add b12 shots later on.


Thank you so much. I’m vety scared naturally. I’m going to try to post my results from April because my dr hasn’t bother again even though I’m still ill if you can spot anything please let me know. I’m hoping to start liver complex by sisu brand. But now I’m scared if this is ok to do?


Anything that will help your liver should be a good thing, it’s all about toxins for the liver so try eliminate as many as possible maybe filter water, don’t take too many supplements as this can stress the liver out more



You cannot overdose on B12.

So it’s no problem to take it.

I am hypothyroid and B12 deficient.

If you are taking levothyroxine and still have symptoms then it’s B12 as some of the symptoms are similar. But I’d say your symptoms are hypothyroid.

It takes a few months of levothyroxine to turn it around.

I had the same symptoms.

The memory issue and tingling is definitely thyroid.

I have just started taking B12 supplement methylcobalamin sublingually. Under the tongue in liquid form.

If this works I’ll stop taking it by injection as the liver has to work to convert the injection hydroxocobalamin into methylcobalamin.

The other form of B12 injection is cyanocobalamin. But it’s the same scenario.

The liver converts it into methylcobalamin and any excess is disposed of by the body.

So as I said. You cannot overdose on B12.

Levothyroxine you can overdose on. So the correct dosage has to be taken otherwise you become overactive.


Waow. I had no idea!!!!! I’m so thankful for your time and knowledge. It’s great to know there is someone out there like me having similar symptoms (although I wouldn’t want that on anyone)

How long did you have symptoms? And if so after how long of taking levo did it reverse itself? Can one stop taking the drug once it goes back down? Or do you need to take for life? Any idea why this happens? Did I do something to cause this? Sorry for all the questions. Much appreciated all your kind info sharing.


It’s simply you’re susceptible to autoimmune disease. I hate using the word disease. My doctor said be thankful you only have these 2.

A doctor friend told me reversing hypothyroid is like reversing the Titanic. It takes some months. Everybody is different.

Levothyroxine is for life once you’ve found the right dose but your doctor should issue you with a medical exemption cert. you’ll never have to pay for a prescription for anything again.

I take 125mcg daily. That’s quite high. You may need less. Start on 50.

Your blood test for thyroid function will tell you. I have a test every 6 months.

It’s all to do with the level of your TSH. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

I’m interested to know if you get a symptom of pounding in the ears. Like a whooshing sometimes. Not all the time.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. I get some ringing in my ears. Dizziness, pressure in head. But I must say it’s improved substantially over the year. At one point I could not sleep the ringing was so loud. I also had hot / cold sweats.

A friend of mine said she went through the same thing I just found out. She did a liver clense and pumped her system with bone marrow broth soups everyday. Nd eat very clean foods only fresh things organic. And once her liver was cleaned up it started to function normally again. It also fixed her thyroid issue and the body was able to regulate its hormones and the b12 levels cane back as liver was able to process the vitamins from the food. Somehow she get her system back online all through eating and cleansing. I know this sounds crazy specially when most take drugs for it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to as well. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress. I just started my liver clense and support by taking sisu liver complex. And doing soups, eating liver, and only clean organic fruits and veggies and non gluten foods. I think somehow the whole ecosystem is connected improveing one area will help restore the rest. At least it help my friend.



Too much

50 mcg


Did you have a Vit d test?


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