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Sleep Apnea Test (Out-Patient)


Finally, after nearly two years of going to the GP with extreme fatigue amongst other symptoms, I've been referred to a specialist. The hospital put me under the lung-function department for a sleep-apnea test. Had my appointment for next week after what feels like forever! I'm just wondering what will happen during this. I've got to have a sleep study done at home, so will borrow the machines and return them the following day. Has anybody else had this done? I'm worried I'm not going to sleep properly because of all the equipment haha! I don't think I've got sleep apnea, I'm a healthy weight, 19 years of age and female and although my dad has sleep apnea, I don't fit the criteria. Hospital simply said they are ruling it out before looking at conditions such as ME. I currently self-inject B12 (hydroxo) biweekly, taking oral iron, vitamin D, folic acid and vitamin C tablets. I also take Propanalol for migraines and lymecycline for acne caused by my B12! :P

Sorry in advance for the long post, I'm just stressed and don't know what the test involves!!


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I use a CPAP machine although my test was done in a lab, not at home. I understand the home tests are more common these days. I'm sure they are less invasive than the lab test, which involved having electrodes stuck to me from head to calf, all wired through a hub about the size of a large, fat wallet that got hung around my neck! It's a miracle I got any sleep that night.

The challenge is getting used to the mask, I found. I have a dear friend going through this now and it's difficult, but it can be done. I blush to say that I got through the first couple of weeks with the aid of enough alcohol that I was somehow able to tolerate the big piece of plastic strapped to my face.

You mention propranolol for migraine. I tried that decades ago, and became so confused and disoriented that I couldn't find the bus stop to go home. My friend took my pulse and it had become extremely low. Is it possible the propranolol could be adding to your fatigue?

Oh my goodness that does not sound pleasant at all! So you were actually diagnosed with sleep apnea? Did you have any symptoms?

The doctor tried to take me off the propanolol because it can cause fatigue and after a month my headaches had returned so am staying on it for the near future. After the sleep study I will go back and discuss coming off it and trying something else!

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea about 8-9 years ago; at that time they said it was mild enough that I did not need CPAP. I had been having some daytime sleepiness but honestly my husband was affected more than I was because I apparently snored like a freight train. And he said he would witness me stop breathing several times a night.

I got retested several years later; I was having extreme fatigue, which may have been persistent side effects from chemotherapy, but I also been diagnosed with PA at that point, and didn't know yet that it might not be controlled by one shot per month. The sleep apnea had gotten worse to the point where I was "borderline" needing CPAP; I actually insisted one it because I was trying to rule out any possible cause of fatigue, and because I was tired of hearing my husband b%$#@ about my nighttime symphonies. I'm completely used to it now; the only time I can't wear it is if my nose is stuffed up.

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