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B12 from Luceb


After much research on this site, following problems with Vitamin B12 injections, Hydroxocolbalamin, which left me feeling dreadful, doc wouldn't change it and in fact stopped the jabs altogether, despite me needing them for life. I went and ordered from Luceb. I got Methylcobalamin and it arrived today. First time i have ever injected myself and shock horror, not only did I do it, yay, it didnt like a cow either. Now i have everything crossed that I do not feel like the Virgin west coast express to London has hit me in the morning. Will update tomorrow.

My bloods are shot to hell at the mo as i have now been told i am very vitamin d deficient, given capsules and they make me feel like hell to, but this just lasts for several hours, as opposed to months on the old B12.

Thank you for this page and all the info contained within it. I appreciate all the info

Many man regards


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