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Obtaining Hydroxycobalamin or methylcobalamin ampoules in Spain


Hi, I am new to this forum so would like to say hello to everyone and thank-you in advance for everyone's participation.

I live in Spain and I have read several things saying it is possible to buy injectable B12 here. However I have no more information than that. I'm assuming people have either bought it OTC in pharmacies or perhaps via a Spanish website? I read an old post here from last year from a woman saying she 'stocked up' on ampoules on a visit to Valencia. I have asked in numerous pharmacies without success. I know it's possible to order online from Germany however if I can buy them locally it would be great!

If anyone has any information, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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I think spain sues cyanocobalamin rather than hydroxo or methyl.

What was the post - you could try responding to see if the poster can give you more information or mention them - type@followed by their user name and pick the correct user name from the list that should come up.

RubyShoes10 in reply to Gambit62

Thank-you. I originally posted this question under the person's post (who mentioned buying in Spain) but someone on the forum suggested writing a new post as the original post was a year old and the poster probably would see my question. I have found the member who originally posted the comment but I was unsure of the accepted protocol on the site. Is it OK to message her directly?

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to RubyShoes10

Yes, you can message the user however because the original post is over a year old, you may not get a response (poster may have left the forum or no longer be active).

Poster jonlyme left this reply to a post two weeks ago:

you can buy B12 injectable over the counter without prescription in Spain and most Chemist’s will actually administer it for the cost of the syringe. If you are buying other stuff as well there is usually no charge.

Here's a link to the post concerned:


Some say it can be purchased in Spain, some say not, so may depend on where you're actually going. You could put a another post asking 'Can I but Cyanocobalamin injections in *****, Spain, so that the answers are specific to the location you're visiting.

Note: cyanocobalamin is the injectable form of B12 used in Spain. No problem using this but it may be excreted more quickly than Hydroxocobalamin - so might need more frequent injections than you usually have).

Hope you find an answer.


It's called Optovite B12 . It's in 5 ampoules. Or Cromatonbic B12

Cianocobalamina. Some chemist do let you have it. Some say you need a prescription

You can buy Megamildoce


Injectable Hydroxocobalamin that costs 60€ for a box of 10 vials. I’ve been using it for months and get a friend from Spain to send it to me because I can’t find it in the UK. I self inject once a week and it has made such a difference and eliminated many of the Pernicious Anemia symptoms.

Just walk into a pharmacy and ask for ‘Megamildoce Vitamina B12 inyectable’. They probably won’t have it in stock but can usually get it for you within 24 hours. This has been my experience.

Hope this helps.


Megamildoce (injectable Hydroxocobalamin)

I know it’s in Spanish but I’m inclidung the link in case you understand at least some of the information in it.

Megamildoce is a high dose of Hydroxocobalamin, but it’s changed my life. And I buy it or get it bought for me by people in Spain who send the ampules to me in the UK.

It’s much more expensive than Cyanocobalamin, but having tried injecting Cyanocobalamin and then switching to Hydroxocobalamin made SUCH a difference.

I suffer from Pernicious Anemia and without weekly injections of Hydroxocobalamin I just can’t finction. It’s changed my life drastically.

I take folic Acid every day to complement the B12 shots — This is important.


Best of luck


Thank you so much everyone. I will try to find the Megamildoce locally, if not I have located hydroxocobalamin on a German website. Slightly freaked out at the idea of self injecting but I have located a home nursing service. I'm hoping they don't require a prescription to inject. Thanks again.

Hi, I also live in Spain and have been researching this too, it's actually called megamilbedoce and is a lot more expensive than the Optovite (cyanocobalamin) though. I have bought Optovite many times in various places in Spain and haven't had a pharmacist refuse yet. If one does, just walk down the block to the next one and they probably won't. I think I am going to start ordering from a German website though since I want to see if the hydroxocobalamin works better and it's a lot cheaper that way.

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