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B12 & Kidneys


I was wondering if anyone knows if mild kidney problems causes problems with getting rid of excess B12? After being diagnosed with B12 deficiency and GPC antibodies in 2016 (which strangely didn’t show in most recent test) I’m now being investigated for autoimmune vasculitis which might be causing some kidney problems as I always have trace protein and occasionally blood according to dip stick urinalysis. I know I don’t fare well if I don’t have plenty of B12, iron and B complex and am worried B12 injections will be stopped because of the high levels. Has anyone come across any information on this?

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High serum B12 can be a marker of kidney problems in people without B12 absorption problems so yes kidney problems could slow down the rate at which B12 is removed from the body. However, if you need plenty of B12 and have done since you started treatment it's unlikely to be more than a minor factor in high levels of B12 in your blood.

B12 injections should not be stopped because of high B12 levels, though its clear from posts here that it does happen - but it isn't in accordance with current standards in the UK.

Its always tempting to try and be prepared for the future and worry about what ifs but the reality is that you can't deal with a situation until it actually occurs. There are lots of options if it does come to withdrawl of injections - and everyone here will also help with providing information you can share with your GP to demonstrate why withdrawing the shots would be the wrong thing to do - but you do actually need to wait and see what happens first.

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