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Gastro appointment, another disappointment


I have had the Gastroscopy today and in the report I was diagnosed with gastritis in fact is says "antrum gastritis with no bleading"

The gastrologist said that I have it for a long time and that with gastritis I have bile reflux as well.

He referred me back to my GP to prescribed some probiotics and he said is nothing to worry about it as with some probiotics will solve the problem.

He also said that this could depleted my vitamins too and to have some supplements.

As I could not find any answers with the gastrologist I want to ask you from your experience.

Gastric parietal cell antibodies positive and the gastritis means is an absorption going on and that's why I have so low B12, low Folate and low VitD, as the doctors could not answers me?

And what kind of probiotics are good to help me with this gastritis?

I don't know why they don't have any answers or why they gave answers like the haematologist gave to me "you don't need b12 shots because your levels are normal and B12 shots became like an addictive trend and everyone with B12 shots will have energy and feel good, like Maddona when she is injecting B12 before her concerts so she can have energy, B12 is like a drug now"

I am looking for help to my health problem, I do not need this kind of comments, or this is what I deserve?

So sick of this now...and decided to SI, I already order B12 from Germany.

Thank you so much for your advices, you are all better then most of the doctors

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