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Have positive parietal antibodies but "good" colonoscopy and endoscopy results?

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It's kind of a let down honestly. I wish my scoping yesterday found something that showed my PA (gastro dr said I was too young to have parietal antibodies even though my blood work showed it and b12 shots and iron have literally brought me to life) but said my scoping looked great. He removed a polyp from my stomach though and took a few biopsies of random tissue I have to wait on. But the question: is it normal to not have gastritis with pa?

I have an AWFUL stomach with very little acid to digest really anything. I'm lacking about 10 vital minerals... and my gastro doesn't seem to care. My naturopath is the one who started my b12 treatment and said I'd need shots for life and iron supplements. The reason I assumed it was gastritis is because with any pressure even light pressure on any part of my stomach it feels like an awful bruise

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Hi Ladyawkward I was but 17 years old when I had a perforated peptic ulcer and told I was "too young" to have one and sent home from hospital with a letter for my doctor.

To this day, nearly 58 years on, I still have no idea what caused it, but I do know that the removal of two thirds of my stomach 5 days later resulted in me being diagnosed with P.A. 13 years later at the age of 30 so goodness knows what was going on with me in between times. I had a "failed" Schilling test done in 1968 four years before (an unheard of) second one confirmed P.A. by which time I was a walking "Zombie".

I'm not a medically trained person so I get confused with all these "positive - antis" but if your results show "parietal antibodies" then I guess you don't have sufficient acid in your stomach to process any intrinsic factor you may have. There are others on here who will be able to give you good advice.

It's good that you are feeling the benefit from the B12 injections and I hope you continue to improve. Do you know what your Folate level is as this is essential to process the B12?

I wish you well for the future.

I'm sorry you went through that :( yes parietal cells make intrinsic factor and gastric acid. So if you have an antibody then I'd assume both aren't doing much for my body since my food is in my stool a lot and I constantly am starving after eating. My gastro still dismisses the parietal cells. Lol sigh. At least i have my wonderful naturopath who knew exactly what to test for when he saw me

Oh yes.. also my folate... I have two of the same MTHFR genes so my dr said take 800 whatever of folate. She said no folic acid allowed. I think the folate is almost borderline low

I had a similar result recently.

Before my PA was diagnosed I had a huge allergic reaction to eating a peach. The allergy specialist tested my gastric parietal cell antibodies, which were positive, and advised that I will have low stomach acid.

I subsequently tested positive for intrinsic factor antibodies and had low B12.

One of my main symptoms of PA is digestive discomfort: feeling overfull, occasional painful stomach, bloating and constipation. (Betaine HCL and probiotics help).

I was amazed when my colonoscopy/gastroscopy showed mild gastritis in the upper third of my stomach only and a sliding hiatus hernia. Otherwise everything is fine.

The gastroenterologist (slightly hesitantly) said that he would recommend my GP to continue B12 injections. He did seem to be happy with my use of betaine HCL and symprove probiotic.

Ps just read that you're constantly starving so I'd just ask if you've had your thyroid tested lately? Mine was overactive some years ago and that's the only time that I've been constantly starving.

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Ladyawkward in reply to JanD236

Wait... a peach? Can you explain this? I have allergic reactions to ALL fresh produce but no allergy showed up on tests. Only wheat. Also, when I eat most of the time I'm coughing and clearing throat for about 15 mins. So annoying.

My thyroid was initially high at first but the specialist asked if I had biotin in my supplements, I did. So she told me none of those for 3 days then test again and all completely normal. I'm just hungry :( but other times I can't eat because my stomach feels too full. Sucks

I'm scared to try HCL again.. I had it in a pill some kind of digestive aid.. 6 hrs later my stomach was in the worst pain in my life I was crying and sweating. Thought I was in labor when I'm not even pregnant

My body creates it's own histamine it seems... I am always itchy. Red eyes etc. No allergy pills help with my allergies either. The food ones make me sad. It's all raw produce

I can also eat chips, guacamole and salsa and almost a 10 inch veggie burrito and be stuffed but an hr later I'm hungry again... not all days sometimes I'm good for a few hrs but I'm shocked I'm so tiny...

Yes the peach is explainable. I have a 'true' allergy to birch tree pollen...the usual sneezing, itchy eyes of hayfever in the spring and summer.

Peach (along with other stone fruits, hazelnuts, apples and pears) has bio identical protein to birch tree pollen. As I had low/no stomach acid the peach proteins passed undigested into my gut causing my immune system to mistake it for birch tree pollen. This caused a massive allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

I've previously eaten many peaches, stone fruits etc but obviously now avoid. I can eat them cooked though as the protein is delicate and destroyed by cooking.

I'm fine with wheat and gluten and have had blood tests and the colonoscopy biopsy confirming this.

I have to say that you still sound very like me when my thyroid was overactive and I think you should take further advice on this. You need more tests than just TSH...I'm sure the thyroid forum can help and maybe even your GP!

Good luck!

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Ladyawkward in reply to JanD236

Interesting. I'm allergic to almost every tree, basically anything outdoors and indoors! My reaction is instant though swollen lips and itchy mouth.

I got a full complete thyroid panel done 3 times along with t4 t3 free t3 etc all the 4 antibodies for thyroid..all fine

Thank you for your advice.

The last procedure I had specifically for my stomach was a barium contrast that didn't show much either, despite severe digestive problems over the previous 15 years and strongly positive GPC abs. I've had endoscopies, but not for the stomach.

I've been taking betaine/HCl supplements for a long time. I ran out a week ago, and if ever I doubted they were doing much for me, I doubt no longer! Like you, I feel that food just sits in the stomach for many hours after a meal. I've now run out of Creon (pancreatic enzymes) too. Hoping new supplies arrive before Xmas!

I can't explain your hunger, except to suggest hyperthyroidism, and/or a modern western diet that's high in carbohydrate - even if they're unrefined carbs. Until I switched to a low carb way of eating, I was ferociously hungry all the time, even with slow digestion. The reason for that is the insulin response to carbohydrate. The simple and short version: the glucose arising from carbohydrate intake must be cleared from the bloodstream quickly, and this is the job of insulin. If your muscle stores of glycogen are full, insulin promotes lipogenesis of glucose instead, so that you store fat (as triglycerides). Once insulin has done its job, blood glucose drops, and you feel hungry again.

Wow. I might try hcl again but a very very small dose. The carbs is interesting. But I've noticed even eating a high protein meal like quinoa and beans I am still very hungry. I'll search more for a new nutritionist that could give me advice

Quinoa and beans will contain protein, of course, but it hardly counts as a 'high' protein meal. Pulses themselves can be problematic, because they contain substances known as lectins, which can cause digestive disturbance. I tend to avoid them, with just the very occasional, very small portion of puy lentils.

Protein and fat are satiating. Men are more likely to find protein does that for them, and women are more likely to feel satisfied by a fatty meal. Choose good quality fats, though you may have to unlearn a lot of anti-fat propaganda from the last 50 years. My older farming relatives were always baffled by low-fat edicts. They ate plenty of fatty meat, but desserts were for celebrations, and bread was just for mopping up gravy!

A progressive nutritionist should be able to help.

Okay. I see! I emailed and finally found a vegan nutritionist. When I ate meat and dairy my stomach was actually worse off. It was just bad. I just want to feel full and stay full

It sounds like a digestive problem, but of course you might be sensitive to dairy.

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