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Results back, I am a medium methylator (C677 tested), any advice appreciated on trying methylated folate please (have homocysteine 11 too)

Hi, thanks for your previous help regarding folate/folic acid and the MTHFR gene tests.

My results says I am a medium methylator so am presuming I have one mutation and not the double. I have felt worse on folic acid previously but only tried the general supermarket brand.

Do you think it could be that I am lacking in other b vitamins and that could be why I feel worse when taking it (has anyone experienced this, then added b vits and seen an improvement?) or that I need methylfolate?

And if so do you think I need a smaller dose of methylfolate due to only being a medium methylator(am presuming I have only one copy and not the 2?) please?

I have monthly b12 injections which after nearly 2 years do seem to be a bit more effective, but still not well. Homocysteine levels are at 11 and advised to lower them.

(My iron lowers as soon as I stop supplementing too, as well as vit d. The Dr has suggested thyroxine because of TSH level and he thinks it may help my b12 absorption, but I've held off as the TSH has come down from 6 to 3 and I wanted to try to correct all the above first)

Any advice greatly appreciated thanks!

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If you're heterozygous for the 677C>T mutation then it's highly unlikely to make any difference. But it couldn't hurt to try 400 mcg of methylfolate a day (apart from the expense).

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Thanks fbirder, will do,,,


I am also heterozygous for this same polymorphism Regarding your slightly elevated homocysteine, are you taking b6? What dose of methylfolate are you on? I found that 800 was too high for me and brought on fibromyagic flares that lasted about 1 and ahalf days.


Hi, thanks for your reply sicknelliebly. I'm now sorting out b bits for homocysteine and was advised ideally its best to be below 7? I haven't started methylfolate yet as was waiting for the gene test results to return as I've always felt worse when taking folate. Sorry to hear you felt worse on that dose, have you felt better since lowering it?


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