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Vitamin C intramuscular injection with B12?

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Hi All,

Has anybody any knowledge or experience of IM injections of vitamin C? I have sourced Vit C ampoules and would like to add it to my bi weekly B12 for added health benefits. I can only find info online regarding IV Vitamin C. The box clearly states for IM and IV use but I would only be comfortable using it as an IM injection. My main fear is pain, Vitamin C is an acid (absorbic acid) so I'm nervous that it would be painful as an IM injection, and that's why the prefered method seems to be IV. Google has not offered much info. Anyone used or uses Vit C along with their B12?


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Hi OSK780.

Vitamin C injections can be very painful and cause sore muscles for several days might be a problem for long term use.

IV injection not recommended by non-medical professionals, so pleased you’ve decided not to do that.

Just wondering why you feel the need to inject high doses of vitamin C...sometimes the potential side effects out-weight health benefits, especially if you don’t actually need additional vitamin C. Might be worth checking out the side effects on the internet - there are probably more than you imagine, so worth checking out first 😉.

Here’s some information about vitamin C safety (there are medical conditions and certain medication interactions which advise caution when supplementing with vitamin C).

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C in the UK is 40-90mg per day (depending on what you read) so 500mg per injection is quite a large amount (though less than 1000mg daily is not though to be harmful - but might increase the possibility of side effects).

Not trying to rain on your vitamin C parade - just want you to be safe and side effect free 😉.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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0SK780 in reply to Foggyme

Thanks Foggyme, no probs, appreciate the info and link. The more I read, the more I feel it's something that should be administered via IV and only by a professional. My reasons for wanting it being I have had such a hard time with health this year and with my vitamin B deficiency and that being addressed really has helped, so I thought perhaps extra Vitamin C in my injection would also give me a really good boost. I was able to get the vials cheaply with my Vit B so I thought why not?! But now I'm erring more toward 'not'!

Thanks again!

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