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Hi everyone im Wendy and im 45

I have several health issues, had my 1st B12 injection today, 5 to go then 1 every 3mths. I feel so ill, Ive had chronic pain on my right side where my lung since January, they have removed my Gallnladder in March then apendix end of July, but my pain is still there. Could this be due to lack of vitamin b1 and folic acid? I did ask the burse today but she did not know. Thanx all.

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Unlikely that the gallbladder problems were result of low B12/folate - more likely to be the other way round.

B12 deficiency can lower your immune system leading to more frequent infections so there could be a circular thing going on.

B12 is absorbed in the ileum - removal of gallbladder can affect the ileum and hence affect B12 absorption.

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Hi Eaoz yes I have, I was given blood tests, CT scan, another CT scan with fluid, xray and scans. But as I have a fracture T7,8 a9 vertabre they think it might be from that. But the pain is unbearable.


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