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Hi recommended to come here from Thyroid UK forum. I have symptoms of folate and B12 deficiency and I am taking 1 iron tablet a day for iron anaemia? Thanks

Ferritin 51 (30 - 400) down from 98.5 in May (30 - 400) taking 1 iron tablet a day

Folate 2.2 (2.5 - 19.5) not on anything for folate

Vitamin B12 326 (190 - 900) down from 548.3 (190 - 900) in January, not on anything for B12

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  • The drop in B12 levels looks as if it probably is significant - more than would be expected as levels are generally pretty stable for a given individual unless they have an absorption problem.

    Your folate is low - which generally points to an absorption problem as well.

    Have you discussed these results with GP and were they from a private test?

  • Thanks they were from NHS test. I was hoping GP would discuss them in more detail with me.

  • unfortunately highly unlikely that your GP has much knowledge of B12 deficiency or folate deficiency or really understands how to interpret the results - though they would really need to be interpreted in a much wider context which would include your symptoms and a full blood count. More likely they will assume that because results are in the normal range that things must be okay.

    next step would probably be to put together a list of symptoms


    draw attention to the drop in B12 levels - and if you are symptomatic ask if the they can follow up on the symptoms in line with BCSH guidelines - which they can access through the BNF but are also available here

    and ask if he could look into potential absorption problems like PA, coeliacs and h pylori.

    best way is likely to be by putting concerns in writing and then following up with a meeting.

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