Heart rate reading back at 185 bpm!!!

So I got my 24 hrs heart monitor reading bk today. They says my heart slows and speeds up in my sleep. But on one occasion my heart rate climbed to 185!!! Although I maintain a regular beat. At this point I was feeling very unwell and anxious whist walking to the gp for my last loading dose jab.... I have docs tomorrow but am freaking out! I just dnt know what's happening to me anymore 😢

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  • Hi Dani82 how did you go on a the doctors today? Just wondering if you are feeling any better with what was said.

    Take care

  • Hi, I went today. And got told to just keep an eye on my heart!!! What a joke!!!! Iv seriously had it with Drs!

  • I know that being anxious can cause problems, so try not to worry. (Easier said than done) but being worked up won't help you whatsoever. I presume the doctor has checked the usual, with having a monitor on? BP etc. The low B12 could be making you anxious, I know that you have had loading doses, but have you thought about supplementing with lozenges of B12. It would be pointless in retesting your B12 serum levels now, so it wouldn't matter at the moment or even the spray?

  • Just had another thought too, potassium levels can drop when having loading doses, bananas or avocados are a good source. Low potassium and I think iron can cause a high heart rate. Is the doctor addressing any other deficiencies (iron, folate)?

  • Thanks for your advice. I have iron deficiency but can't be given iron due to another blood disorder. I have started eating a banana every morning and also take folic acid...

  • OK give it time, and try to relax! Get a nice big juicy steak down you! I hate taking iron tablets, really upset my digestive system, not that it takes much! So I eat a black pudding and couple of days a week. Not to everybody's taste though!

  • Oooh I loves a bit of black pudding! Unfortinatley I have to avoid most foods with iron in as my body just stores it and doesn't use it properly. Nothing is ever simple with me lol

  • Hi

    Can you eat liver as a member on the thyroid forum got her iron level up by eating liver once or twice a week.

    Liver is rich in iron and B12.

  • I don't mind liver, but my hubby is a veggie and he can't stand the smell (think it takes him back to school dinners when hardly anyone was vegetarian and was forced to eat it!) Lol! He is the same when I have lamb yum yum!

  • What does he mean? That is his job

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. Do you mind my asking how much does a device like this cost? I have strange feelings in my heart in recent years and have become increasingly concerned that I might have some sort of developing heart condition.

  • My gp sent me for it to be fitted at the local hospital... you can get a heart monitor app on your smartphone but there not for medical use really. I downloaded two for accuracy. But I found this was good to keep an eye on heart rate but no so good when it comes to feeding my anxiety. Good luck with it all! Xx

  • Oh I see... thank you. Good luck to you also I have suffered from panic anxiety disorder since I was a teenager I am now in my 40s I've been to a mental hospital for it and all so I understand the struggle. Best wishes to you and I hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Blasted anxiety! It ruins so many good peoples lives!!! I know how your feeling. Keep strong

  • By the will of Jill I live in US a heart monitor is prescribed by a cardiologist and he monitors the readings at his end.I assume U.K. Is the same .it is worn for a few days day and night can remove it briefly to shower Or take a bath .

  • Forgot to mention the heart monitor is fitted by a person who does specific measurements to the patient.

  • Hi Everyone, I haven't been on the forum lately, I have had issues with bad anxiety too. (I don't just have issues you know, I have a full subscription, LOL) Do you folks suffer with dizziness? Anyway, my heart races at night and it pounds, makes it hard to sleep. I get up and check it on my BP cuff. I get Irregular Heart Rate, quite often. I haven't seen my GP yet for it.. I try Coconut Water mixed with Magnesium when I need something in a hurry. I can't have bananas as they are on my do not have list right now. I will make an appointment tomorrow as I need to get my folate levels checked, I've never had that done.

    I'm not a Dr. either just experimenting to see what works for me

  • Best suggest is to see your doctor, anxiety can do some horrible things to us! Hopefully it's that and nothing more sinister. I think we all worry a lot about our health and the Drs make it worse wth their lack know if knowledge

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